Explain the story behind your pfp and name

My pfp was stolen from an artwork when I looked up “Dark Lord”.
Story behind my name is self-explanatory.

My name is based of the first four letters of my irl name + y. My pfp doesn’t need explanation

Got it from one of my favourite korean comics that I am currently reading thus far, called FFF-Class Trashero. :nod:

Forgot to add, but Acid is just a name I found cool to use on Discord around 2 or so years ago, then I decided to use it here.

name: funny group rank named inferno, i made funny jokes about my pfp changing and name to stuff like redferno, blueferno, etc. until i named myself infernoferno

pfp type list: (current yato but will definitely change soon)
joker: i like p5
yato: i like noragami
baam: i like tog

for the pfp, I paused on something and thought it was pretty funny so I took a screenshot
been my pfp ever since

for my name, I started doing “dragon” for some demon rp thing,
where I was a demon made out of flame shaped as a dragon

all of these were ages ago I’ve had both for a while

for the pfp i just found cats with bread as hats funny and got one
then name you guys know

Kosmo: A slight variation of Cosmo, the actual name I was going for. Its a long story, but its a personal project of mine
My pfp: My brother made it, Sensei, who is a really good developer

Username is something I thought was very funny when I was 11, because it’s very random. Got too used to typing it and having it on everything to switch to anything else.

Pfp is Gurren Lagann because it’s good, also too lazy to change since I’m used to having it on most things for quite some time.

pfp is my dog named lampis. he’s a labrador retriever and i’ve had him for about 12 years now

my name actually has a pretty funny origin. i never made my own first roblox account, my brother did it for me and he put in the name for it, which was “AlvStefanos”, Stefanos is obviously my name but Alv means “Alvanos” which translates to Albanian, and here in Greece we’re a bit xenophobic and think that Albanian people are… uhhh… b-bad. So my brother put the name “Alv” in there to tease me as to call me bad or dumb.

as the years went on i just sort of turned the word “Alv” into my username with no real meaning behind it.

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My Roblox name was originally Metalious, which I just choose because I thought it sounded cool. I eventually changed it to Metapoly because it just has more meaning to it and sounds more serious, something that fits me. Maybe because if you translate it a certain way you get “many goals,” and I do indeed have many goals. And also because most people I’ve seen with “poly” in their name (Polyhex, LowPolys, etc.) are usually good Roblox developers.

My profile pic on the forum is simply just by WoM character Darwin Barion, and my profile pic on Discord was made using a shortlived Roblox bug in which the Narrow head would make your head very small. I saved an image of my avatar after angling it a certain way and there it was.


my pfp is my dead hamster and my name is my name

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Ok, my pfp is actually some pixel art I did months ago which is based on an OC I have in my head, I am planning to update my pfp at some point.
My name is the same as my discord name, that name was based on my email name/youtube channel name ‘The Ultimate Elemental’ which is what I called my OC years ago.
Its all connected…

Might as well explain my roblox name as well:
It’s MagicMasterbid7 because bid7 is my Minecraft username (that one qas just suggested by my dad) and I like magic, I did not copy a certain roblox youtuber.

so i went to change my roblox name
it said
“Desired Username” in the box where u put your new username in

as for my pfp?
its based off my roblox avatar. i really like DIY hats so i just put the bag hat that was on my roblox avatar
and now people say im a thingyy clone. :frcryin:


mine is from an inside joke or so from my username Jarvist77832 3 years ago when it happened i think? my friends called me JarJar/JarJarBinks which i despise (still to this day don’t you dare)

they took note of it then moved to Jar of Pickles which i didn’t like even more, called me that so often to the point i kinda just accepted it, and choose a random pickle jar from google that i can’t find anymore

(and despite the pfp i dislike the smell of pickles and haven’t tried them but smell gives a big indicator of taste so likely wont like it)

yo thats a pretty cool story JarJarBinks



oh_fuck_it_s_got_a_gun trans

you shall not say it again


oh sorry JarJar that was my mistake

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tolerable but the binks is a no

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Wait a minute

JarJar’s Bizarre Adventure


oh god no what have you made

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