Explain Your Name + Magic Elemental poll

Why’d you choose your username? What’s it mean to you? etc.

As you can hopefully read, my username’s macobre. It’s a mix of the words “cobra” and “macabre” (“disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury”), so is pronounced “muh-cō-bruh.” Cool snek + edgy word? Yeah, sounds good.

Would have been raadical_trash if I didn’t change my IG user to be cleaner-looking.

Elementals poll again since I'm working on Plasma rn

Favorite Elemental

  • Earth Tortoise
  • Lightning Qilin
  • Magma Dragon
  • Wind Quetzalcoatl
  • Shadow Owl
  • Paper Wasp
  • Poison Basilisk
  • Gold Wyvern
  • Ash Cockatrice

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Next Elemental

  • Acid Salamander
  • Water Hippocampus
  • Fire Moth
  • Ice Akh’lut (Inuit Wolf-Orca)
  • Wood Deer
  • Moon Light Rabbit
  • Iron Drake
  • Sand Crab
  • Glass Spider
  • Crystal Nine-Tailed Fox
  • Snow Amarok (giant Inuit wolf)
  • Explosion Bombardier Beetle

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I chose this username because I wasn’t initially planning to do anything else on the forum except scour the marketplace for people selling power equipment.

my username is Spray.exe i choose it cause im an artist and it was either spray or stylus so yea…and i added exe to the end to cause i likes the .exe crashing meme

Skhan is the name of my cat din done explained

chose this username because of agentjohn2s doomwood club video

this isnt actually my roblox username, its just that i dont have money and i am a filthy casual with no income at all besides begging

same #brokegang

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brokers winning :pensive: :point_up_2:

i choose burgr because i am a burgr and i believe in equality

can i have 2 number 45’s, 1 with cheese

no u cant

ill eat you then

ms paint power up

what would happen if i were to put you in a blender

Got into roblox swordfighting and I wanted to make a new roblox account so I went with “LordOfTheBloxxed.” Bloxx is bascially when you kill someone in a roblox game, was used more before I would say 2016 (I think). My character is just a basic old roblox avatar but with no color.

After awhile I decided to edit my place into this dark world where at the deepest trench my character would be seen among fire and magma holding a linked sword. In the trench would be a bunch of burning noobs and noob heads while a distorted SFOTH theme played. Around the map are several of the SFOTH swords stabbed into the ground, referencing either a collection of all the swords or past fallen warriors. Then I advertised on game tracker and got to scare over 100 people on my poor quality myth game :fr:

burgr sundae

I was a kid and I thought of this name, it’s meaning is pretty stupid, makes almost no sense but 10 year old me thought it was a funny haha name so I kept using it.
Now I got used to typing it really fast and I use it on a lot of things already so I stuck with it.

I chose this name because I was 8 at the time I created my roblox account and I can’t really remember the rest, I’ve just sorta stuck with it.

Maybe eventually.

i am not obama

hi not obama

im dad

burgr you have made a dad joke that wasnt funny
be prepared to

no dont burn me pls