Explosion Elemental: The Bombardier Beetle

Part of the Magic Elementals (Open Art Collab) series. If you’re an interested forum artist hmu.

  • Credit to @Rlka for the color palette

Process Video (may be loud):

Bestiary Entry

A being capable of great destruction, the Explosion Bombardier Beetle is a voracious and prolific hunter that prefers to cook its prey by coating them in the hot liquid produced by combining the chemicals stored in their abdomen. They inhabit temperate areas and cannot handle extreme cold, but can be found anywhere throughout Magius in wooded or moist areas.

Okay, so the music might not fit but it’s the only short track I have that isn’t already used in the series :confused:


Looks clean asf

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don’t bombardier beetles shit fire

They combine the chemicals hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, then oxidize hydroquinone and decompose the hydrogen peroxide. This generates heat near boiling hot and produces a gas that explodes from the abdomen (so no, it’s not fire lol)

there’s a chipotle joke to be made here

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already been done, sir

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I was legit about to post the Sam o’ Nella video

The legend that is salmonella