Fat fish sad story


you have to be kidding

mmm good stuff

skill issue


You talking about the fact i edited 10 times?

we do a little trolling


lmao, sounds about right.

I guess we could petition for a more permanent ban tho if Meta’s chill for it

26 posts were split to a new topic: Probably gonna get closed, we’ll see e.e

A post was merged into an existing topic: Fishe got a 1 day ban. talk about it before I close it

I feel like there’s something you aren’t understanding here, or you lack the empathy to comprehend. When someone’s sick, they feel like shit, and you don’t tell someone who’s experiencing something they can’t control “skill issue ez”

Actually then again screw arguing with you, nobody can get anything across to you, and you seem to have a disconnect from how people work. You should learn how people are.

We can talk about the funny now

Pog,my post not get sent to brazil 2

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eeeee dis is funny! Haha!

discreetly kicks a pile of dirt onto something in an effort to bury it

nothing here but something funni, Haha!

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oi, is the cooldown off? I just didn’t want to get a bunch of messages here after the migration


now this thread is pure

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What is cooldown
Is that a mod joke?

anyways yall remember artists ganging on fishe

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