Fav sports?

Thats a stupid question to ask in a forum full of basement dwellers, aka. AO players, but what sports do you play or at least enjoy watching?

Handball certified, I am a goalkeeper.

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Soccer/football is the best sport and if you don’t agree with me you are a physco

so true

Dodgeball, easily.
Everything I love about a game with none of the things I don’t.

Why use legs when you can throw :speaking_head::speaking_head:

why slow down your running form by holding a ball when you can kick instead :lightning_magic_var2:

Why have an inhumanely large gate when you can protecc a 2x smaller one :fire::fire:

Blud is the baller even after the meme died

Nah I had the worst aim imaginable lol
I mostly played the dodge part of it.

I was almost always the last person standing on my side, not for a lack of them trying lol.


And also Soccer/Football (but only FIFA world cup)

(Edit: I only watch them. My lazy ahh doesn’t play them)



Fencing, specifically Epee

Does “Hide and seek zombie tag”, count as a sport?

indian mud wrestling

i play badminton sometimes, i would say that i enjoy it ( then again, i enjoy almost anything if i do it with someone i like so :woman_shrugging: )

not very good at it tho since im short and have bad eye coordination skill lol

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this is not the first time that comparison has been made lol

Lawn bowls, no physical effort needed.

badminton >>>>>>>