Favourite Pokemon?

Very simple question, I wanna know what pokemon people like, so simply state your favourite(s) pokemon, maybe with an image and a mild explanation if you like if your favourite is one of those mons like gardevoir, you better have a good explanation or else

alolan ninetales since it’s the only fairy type fox (i mean ig there’s sylveon too but idk they’re fox enough, plus they’re just a single type)


he funny

I’ve got several:

  • Sceptile
    • Best gen 3 starter don’t @me
  • Breloom
    • Mach punch
  • Volcarona
    • Best bug type in the game.
  • Clodsire
    • No real reason. Just like the guy lol
  • Lurantis
    • Design. Also run it with contrary leaf storm hehe
  • Every pseudo legendary except goodra and dragonite
  • Kyogre

to be perfectly honest:

  • Lopunny
    I just genuinely like lopunny. I do not like the “art” of lopunny

I feel bad for everyone who’s favourite has been ruined by the internet

Gamefreak knew what they were doing when designing this


@SavageWind I think you’ll find that your opinion on gen 3 starters is based and true.

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I used to really like Gardevoir but then I found out about those things. My favorite right now is probably Diancie or Ditto

I think it was that giraffe looking version of pikachu. Can’t remember the name, just remember it had a long neck and had this white foam looking hair at the head, and was fat(like pikachu)

(I don’t do pokemon stuff anymore)

I also really like cryogonal or blacephalon

and regieleki


I also like farigaraf a lot

I think it’s Ampharos.

mega ampharos?

Yes, that’s what I’m thinking of.

despite my name, Joltik
i mean
look at this
it’s perfect

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weavile, best pokemon, best sweeper

whenever i fight a fighting type i shit myself but it’s the price to pay for salvation ig

Liligant is clearly the best pokemon of all time, either that or leafeon