Fighting Style Feedback | Light Palms

So, this is another post before I post in suggestions. Just looking for some feedback about a WIP fighting style im working on called Light Fists.
Its mainly based around combo and following up on hits encouraging aggressive playstyles.
Essentially it works on a resource bar that works on a sort of “flow” mechanic. Hitting people multiple times before the bar depletes will fill it up.
Passively, this fighting style uses less stamina than others at the cost of block reduction.
At 50% flow bar, you begin to move faster as your punches get slower. Your travel time for moves decreases (so you meet your target faster), decreasing endlag.
This fighting style is sort of like is supposed to have the feeling of fluidity, sort of like dancing. As your resource bar increases you have ribbons made of reflected light following your avatar hanging from your torso and arms.
Any ideas for status effects or how this would stand?

Probably not gonna be canon but the trainer was meant to be a performer sort of, performing dangerous tricks with magic users to entertain civilians on an island in Nimbus

Someone please give a status effect im desperate

sounds kinda like this thing i made like a year ago or something.

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Ig you could just give it the blinded status, because it increases damage with successive hits. maybe it would give a slightly longer version (like 0.5s longer), because fighting styles are a bit less consistent with hitting it’s moves.