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Dirty Boxing FS


Shadowboxing is a fighting style centered around aoe and damage in the place of speed.
it revolves around a fruit or mushroom you must consume, that’ll create a tar like substance at the very end of your limbs, to keep this substance from dripping and damaging the surrounding areas, users must wear glove like bandages(hence the name shadowboxing), more experienced shadowboxers can control the tar production at will without the need to use gloves.

this tar like substance behaves a lot like shadow magic, a mix of shadow and water if you will, it applies the drained status effect, aswell as lightly blinding foes.

over usage or spam of Shadow boxing will apply “tar poisoning”, to prevent the spam in conjunction with magics as a warlock or weapons as a conjurer, tar poisoning reduces damage dealt whilst also punishing mindless spam(since it’s strong on aoe and damage)

modifier is the same as shadow magic, with a few boxing related ones.

That’s a pretty cool concept, but Idk why you mentioned it since they’re nothing alike

Sorry someone said sum about a defensive style I just replied to the wrong person

i was thinking of using your soul or something since the most common allegory for a soul is a shiny bright version of you, call it “Soul Art”

Sly combat, lost basic combat style

exact same skills (no stat changes) but the m1 throws sand. If thrown when the enemy gets the sandy effect. if thrown and doesn’t hit an enemy nearby, it creates a sand cloud which is like ash magic. if you stand in a cloud for 3 seconds you get sandy.

when someone has sandy you do more damage.

basically AA pocket sand but a little more range

The vines are kept alive by your energy and somewhat fuse with your conscience as its life-force binds with yours. When mixed with human energy and magic (even in small amounts), their potential is only bound to the strength of their holder.

Vines will always surround your hands and eventually cover more areas like arms and hair with more mastery, undying due to the energy in your body.
Vines can cling to any surface no matter what it is, sort of like potatoes just constantly going “WHERE THE FUCK IS THE CONCRETE.” The only source of nutrients it needs is a constant energy flow and water.
Whenever your moves touch a surface vines will cling to it, creating a sort of tangle of vines. Enemies who step on these vines will be damaged and more prone to Energy Deprivation, adding one extra point before it is inflicted.
When your enemy is inflicted with Energy Deprivation, your attack size grows as the vines sap the enemy’s energy.

Status Effects:
Energy Deprivation:
A state in which energy/mana passive regeneration is slowed and it costs more to use moves. Attempting to use a move that you are not able to use due to your current energy level will result in a Drawback like effect or when you run out of stamina.
This encourages players to manage their energy usage and it gives the vine user more openings for hits.
Every 3 hits, the next will give Energy Deprivation.
Energy Deprivation has no synergies.

How it Works:
Vine style is heavily reliant on your ability to close off space and countering opponents. The effects of Vine Style are most closely related with basic combat with fairly average damage and speed. The vines work more so as a tool to aid your strength and capabilities, much like boxing’s gloves. Once you obtain the style, your energy bar will have vines over it to signify your energy system being binded.
Vine style can be found in (redacted Nimbus Sea location) and learnt through the founding NPC, Vesna Aves. Her quest consists of you finding various ingredients to further her studies (Tree Sap, Spices, Rock Salt, etc.). After completing the quest, Vesna will relinquish her vines unto you, giving you control over them as they bind with your energy system

From what I see
It’s basically lag fighting style