Fighting style Laboratory/Dojo

This is a topic that people can use to put their ideas for fighting styles, a part of the game that really needs more love due to how limited the current options are for styles ingame.

It’s my attempt at controlling the rampant suggestions people are making that clog up the category, as well as a way to locate ideas for good fighting styles easier.

will there be a trello for this at some point? maybe idk

anyways, let the experiments begin.

I’ll start with my idea, which, is admittedly a little complicated but I think it could be fun if executed right, I name my fighting style idea: gravity step


Personally I think we need a status based fighting style, like Poison Palm or something along those lines which focuses more on DOT instead of straight impact damage

So, what is gravity step?

gravity step is a hypothetical lost style that revolves around using your aura to manipulate gravity around you and levitate chunks of earth that you can use for various purposes, such as aerial mobility, defense, and combat.

-the main playstyle that grav step focuses on is setplay, as well as mix-up.

-warlords that have this fighting style will have all of their imbued weapons have the term “crushing” before all of their attacks, adding a purple hue to textboxes.

what’s the gimmick?

all attacks used with gravity step cause chunks of earth to be lifted into the air due to the immense gravitational energy of the techniques, these chunks float in the air, until hit by the user or hit enough times by other players.

These, floating chunks of ground are important catalysts for many combos and gimmicks relating to gravity fist, and how the style works as a setplay oriented style.

you can have up to around 10 pieces of gravitated earth in the sky at a time, whenever you make a new attack if you already happen to have 10 pieces, you will make new ones at the cost of losing an equivalent amount.

so, how does gravitated earth interact with the player?

when a player aims their crash or rushdown skill at a piece of gravitated earth, it will count as a target.

thus allowing the player to travel very fast and very far in order to hit the stone.

once hit, the player then will bounce off the stone and hit the next nearest one, this process repeats until either the player hits an opponent, or all of the stones have been hit.

we’ll call this mechanic a “levitation chain” for simplifying purposes

when stones are hit by a player, they lose their gravitational force and collapse onto the ground.

Now, when a gravitated stone is hit by a shot or projectile skill, the gravitated stone will explode to create a radius of damage.

you can see how this style really revolves around planning and precise predictions in order to have maximum arena control potential.

things to note:

-players in a levitation chain will ALWAYS prioritize hitting a player over a stone if the player is nearby

-other opponents projectiles can cause stones to explode, but those explosions will not harm the user

-you get to have 10 stones at master level, at beginner level mastery, you can only summon 2 stones.

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@Ramen1 check this out

I like it, just depends on how “magical” people will think it is because if im not mistaken there is a gravity magic or sum like that

Alright gentlemen, release the fighting style floodgates

I just want a counter based fighting style, element would probably be light but it doesn’t matter.

It’d be one of the fastest fighting styles in the whole game, would do below average damage, and have below average to average size.

It’s gimmick is literally just doing massively more damage if the enemy is charging, using, or in the endlag of a move when hit


what light palm could’ve been lol

idk something where you build static electricity by attacking the terrain or something

Ramen already got called out several times on his past suggestions, just let the boy rest.

please read this I think it’s really cool :sob:

:pensive: sigh

Dirty boxing

I am going to remaster vine style tho so we gotta wait for that Vinesith | New Whip Weapon for Nimbus is what it will be based off of and will have a lore/explanantion behind how it works gonna actually put some thought behind it this time

Pretty cool style that encourages more of set-up playstyle instead of a rushdown one. Just don’t know how far vetex wants to take the whole “everyone can innately use magic” schtick

We technically can, we just dont have the magical knowledge to cast casting circles, or we just don’t have a large enough “mind” to learn a full magic so there is like a limit between what is considered mage to not mage


if the whole “gravity” gimmick doesn’t work here, we can reskin it to some sort of “barrier” fighting style that makes aura panels that float around in the air and have the exact same abilities as gravited stones.

“Ricochet style”

the modifier name for imbued weapons is now “deflective”

@MrYes this hopefully makes this fighting style less “magical” and more geared towards auras, while retaining the setplay gimmick.

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Yeah, that works

How do you think a light element inspired fs could work?

My idea is of a meter based fs.
The fs/imbuement makes attacks incredibly fast, but after you used it once, it depletes completely and you have to wait it fills back up to attack again.
Kinda like rifle.
Don’t know about the stats tho.

Really hope there will be a light inspired fs.