Finish the job

A small little comic strip of the shining plains scene. We all know it, we all saw it, we all remember it. First Elius went missing or possibly has died. Then, General Argos did. Followed by the disappearence of Carina. Both of his cousins left without a trace, the military power of Ravenna has been tarnished to bits with the destruction of Fortress Talos. Conflict is at an all time high.

But no. To these depraved scumbags, that wasn’t enough. They had to show up. They had to storm the gates of his home. They HAD to take his brother’s life without a hint of remorse. They HAD to step their filthy feet inside the throne room and ruin everything. Ruin the kingdom. Ruin his family. Ruin his life.

Nothing can be more utterly humiliating, than to attempt to take revenge for your family and get your face dragged through the sand. Nothing can be more agonizing, than to see your brother’s murderers walk away from you after they’ve decided to spare you out of pity. NOTHING can make you want to disappear more, than the thought of having to live with all of this. Why are they leaving now, of all times? If they’re so destined to tear the Ravenna Realm apart, why can’t they finish the job?! Do they just want to see him fall apart along with this kingdom?! Is that what they want?!


MMMMMMM Revon deserves better ngl

YUMMM the amount of Revon crumbs we had this week :sob: :clap: WAIT NO– We HAD THE WHOLE BAKERY and to top it off we have this amazing comic. Gahhhh my heart is just feeling utter sadness for this prince. You did a great job portraying it. God hopefully he can get a happy ending soon :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:


Going back to my wholesome big changus Reviro routine after this trololo

Holy smokes! This is some good comic stuff! You cook well Fran!

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It’s a pleasure being an Arcane chef!

And then they leave Revon behind to drown in wrath and sorrow.

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my boy pls let’s just hug this out,

in all seriousness, they way you drew everything building up to the last panel is stunning !! i love how the intensity builds up at the very end, it rlly shows Revon’s rage and sadness

Revon needs to get therapy soon gah zamn

I want to kill his ass

Dear Artists of #art,

I kindly request that you cease creating art that evokes negative emotions surrounding Revon. As someone who has being a pathological sociopath for a considerable period, feeling empathy towards 2D characters has posed a significant challenge for me. I implore you, in the name of all that is sacred, to refrain from producing any further artwork that portrays Revon in a sorrowful light.

Thank you for understanding.



Thank you very much! This was a golden opportunity for me to go ballaalallaala on the expressions and I just couldn’t miss it!!

This week’s been wild am I right

It’s gonna end one way or another, no need to stress :upside_down_face:

Me who’s been planning a comic full of suffering for Revon:

Um uh um uhhh, I guess I have a… Surprise for you in a bit :eyes:

But seriously tho, the whole Revon angst is going insane and I’m loving it constantly :smile: :face_holding_back_tears:

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revon angst hurts my heart in ways unexplainable to human ears
thank you

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if i had the choice i wouldve killed revon



“Why would I klll you? You drop nothing!”

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(Complete sentence)


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