Fire curse user gfx


I like how this came out but fire is fucking/can be fuckin hard man :melting_face:

stuff like lightning and plasma is just easier to make but fire has to look like almost alive with the swooshes and I ended up redrawing the fire on the hands like 12+ times :skull: still very fun to make

actually asked a couple of my friends for advice on what to do with the fire since I could not get it to look how I wanted the first couple attempts and the fire definitely would’ve looked infinitely worse without their pointers (shoutout them fr)

full render + no hand fire alt

face was lowkey annoying as hell to add cause i couldn’t find the pngs for them (if there are any public ones) so i ended up having to go in game take screenshots and redraw them :skull:

(I usually add the face to the model in blender but I wanted to use a actual face from the game so I had to add it in post)




Me when fire is fucking can be fucking hard

Nice art btw

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As a fire main i approve :fire_magic:
Great art

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Will smith is that you?


is fucking can be fuckin hard

wait what software do you use?

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Nice bro! Reminds me Phoenix magic from Prometheus (yes he is actually uses it, but it has other color variation. Theos had blue-yellow, Prometheus had orange (not sun), or like this on your image).

I create all my art with Adobe Illustrator.

aw man that costs money :cry:

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SHEEEESH thats really good

Tobiemoji_sadness sadly

I used to use medibang, but I switched to krita recently…

was that a good idea or what art software that’s free do you recommend?

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Depends on what kinda art you are looking to do or are already doing. Krita and Medibang both look like good software for drawing.

If it’s graphic arts that you are looking to do, and more my specialty, then I would recommend Inkscape. It’s free and has most of the basic tools illustrator has.

something maybe that’s good for character lineart?

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I hear Krita is pretty good for line art so you should be set. Tobiemoji_noprob

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