First One To Answer The Question Correctly Wins 100K Galleons | Part 18

Oh yeah that’s fine, I’ll see you later then!

rip i just barely missed it… prob wouldnt have guessed it but damn still sucks

thank you very much, now I can finally try using potion in PvP lol. Btw, the reason I correcrtly remembered the description cuz I always get stuck inside it due to darkness when I was new on arcane odyssey (Just Sharing). Anyways thanks

once again, hello! Can we adjust it to 11 am (GMT +8 time zone). I searched GMT without 8 so I was directed to greenwich time. Actually, we have the same time zone, so can we adjust it to 11 am??? ::((((

Yeah that’s fine as well.

The criminal shipwright at darkpine isle lol

this one was rigged it was first post lol

Im already online btw ;))

Alrighty, joining ya in a bit

Guess you can’t yet

imma join again

ill caht again when I can its lagging in here

Hello, Im already on a server :)))

Uhhhhh are you sure the account you’re using is QsTerFel? Cuz it isn’t online

WAit, it is still loading T_T

Im in now. i’m at nimbus sea

Yes, my account is QsTerFel

Reward has been collected.

thank yuou

16 hrs late this time :sob: