First One To Answer The Question Correctly Wins 100K Galleons | Part 7

Idk what to put in here but since most of the parts in this series uses a format like this, I’ll just keep this format. Perhaps I’ll put something in this section since it’s kinda dull to only include the question you know?

Also, since the galleon cap would increase to 5M in the next update, I might increase the prize into 200K.

What was the reason behind why Morden created his journal?

From what i remember…it acted as a diary for him incase he loses his memories again.

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Grats you got it right, mind telling me your username?


Tell me when you’re in a server btw, or if you want to collect it tomorrow if you’re busy right now

Mfw fucker beats me to it


In-game rn.

Reward has been collected

He didn’t lose his memories, he wrote that he is scared of losing his memories like it happened to protagonist.

I can prove that even without rechecking journal, cuz if Morden lose his memory, he would be unable to tell us about Tucker and about changes of protagonist’s behaivor.

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that’s what they said ‘-’

Please, read again.

O H .
complete sentence.

Gg, tho I guess I’ll allow it for now since he somewhat got it right at the first half. I’ll try to be more careful next time ig

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