Flex your grades, because why not?

Flex your good school grades here, don’t try to prove it because it may not be a good idea to reveal your school to the internet.

Anyway, I’ll start: I got my first straight A report at the end of 2020.

Went from a 3.9 to a 3.2, both weighted :3

These are the GPA for my previous term, I’m not posting my classes.

Unweighted - 3.75
Weighted - 4.3

I kinda don’t know what those are : /

I got
4 A
4 B
And 1 C grade.

I should really start to put atleast 10 minutes into studying.


bad grades

Oh ok…

Rockin that straight A report though.


Idk how I even got it, I swear I should have gotten one B at least.


My mom said if I ever got a C again she will beat and choke me until there is blooding spilling out of me, so I have to get A’s and B’s this quarter

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Highest level of math?


So…Calc 1, Calc 3, ODQ?


Interesting, but you seem suspicious. Explain to me the product and quotient rule, and the Fundamental Theorum of Calculus? This is Calc 1 tier.

All As so far but its probably just because Im still 1st year in high school. Dont know how things will change once I get into later years.

This is the last night of break I have


I would rather devour sperm for 3 weeks straight

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I voluntarily went back a year for cost reasons so I am dumber than all of you.

Man that means more school for you