Forum Check-Up / Name Change

Still haven’t missed a day yet… Incredible

Yo if you don’t mind could you mods please change my username to just “Gier”

Dr. Moderators, I don’t feel so good right now. I think I’m in a dire need of a check up.

Oh my, do you feel better now?

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Name change to “EYTSH”, please

NO. Don’t leave us The_Element

Soon enough I’ll be glad to

when the tide breaks

hey check up plz tahnk


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why still 99 days sobber

Can I be name changed to “Cone”? If it isn’t available, “Coney” works too.

You’ve rejected your humanity and are no longer a person who’s a cone, only a cone

my god

what does eytsh mean

good question.


:white_check_mark: :point_up: please
i have not been here in a while

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