Forum Curses Entr'acte: Who Am I?

can I know what boss drop you want in advance

Calvus mantello would be sick.

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Is there a deadline on claiming rewards?


Woah this is so
I might start the Silly Goober stuff again soon to lessen the exam agony. We’re close to a second one so if you are yet to claim the prize be reminded that at any point you may, in the future, spam ping me.

Okay so I’m pretty sure its just @sanek_1 and @Dudeman who I forgot to give the rewards to. If either of you want to claim them just tell me what boss drops you want and I’ll make sure I have them. Don’t want to forget this because I’ll remember it in about three years time and feel guilty.

If I keep updating stuff like silly goober
Or the FC:E Sources or plan. I might actually be able to create a story outline for FC:2A before the world ends.
Board /b/nKHwkgVJ/. Have fun if you see this.