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How many times have I said that I wasn’t doing this again?

The Scenario.

After a week of disaster after disaster, one break in, two fires and the murders of Troy Corner, Serena Maudite and William Strong, Odysseus Academy, The Eleventh, Nyx District, is slowly trying to recover. The authorities are deep in an investigation, desperately trying to work out what happened - when you wake up.

It’s a normal day, you get out of bed and go to school. The school’s student run forums have just opened up and everybody along with their kitchen sink and goldfish is checking it out. However somethings off - the voices are in the back of your head whispering. The boy. The boy and the horse.

You should make an account for the forums - only a few questions to answer. Your name? Your age? Your favourite subject?
And… a theoretical magic ability.
That’s a strange question. Why would they want to know that on a school forum?

Nevermind. Click sign up and here we go.

The Lore

This is a game of Forum Curses. Two tournament style games and one puzzle solving game have come before it

  • Forumer Curses
  • Forum Curses 2: Prometheus’ Arena
  • Forum Curses Entr’acte: Who Am I?

This is officially titled Forum Curses, The Second Act: Not all the World’s a Stage.
The past games all have lore, most of which is a feverdream of Typ0 screaming and TAITC derailing the plot.
This game will be a mixture of a tournament and puzzle solving/mystery story that you’ll have to piece together.

You do not need to know all the lore of the past editions to participate, just a few key facts. I know it looks long if you don’t care about it feel free to skip over. I don’t want to put anyone off. Blame Sandal.

  • The story takes place in a group of universes where long ago a race of powerful god like beings called The People ruled.
  • Eventually the last remaining of these people, and his horse, settles down in a small universe we know as the Arcane Universe.
  • The events of FC branch off from the main AU due to the presence of the Person who prevents Cursebeard rising to power and forcing Prometheus to make curses. He also prevents Acheron from finding the Absorbtion Curse.
  • In this universe Prometheus makes Curses long after the use of magic fades out of common use
  • He does so out of personal curiosity.
  • A fanatic but intelligent young man called Tavish A. Indie Turvingham Corner IV realises that Prometheus is making these curses and becomes interested.
  • They learn as much as they can about the Sea Curses, obtaining one themselves - The Salt Curse.
  • Eventually they also make their own curse, and give it to a friend soon turned enemy called Sandal - the Roulette Curse. They also edit the Salt Curse so it would become stronger at the moment of their death.
  • They are killed by the Aether Lightning Curse user, but in the split second before they die - the Salt Curse morphs into its new form, the Glitch Curse - swapping time and space to switch Tavish’s body with a girl called Tammy in an alternate universe.
  • Long story short this first universe ends up destroyed by Sandal and the Inferno Curse User
  • Prometheus and the Person escapes to another universe.
  • Rinse and repeat. Prometheus experiments with more curses and holds a tournament to see how people will interact with them.
  • Long story short Tavish is in this first universe. They end up defeated by Typ, a successor to Sandal - who combines all the willpower of every curse user into one axe. They try to escape and obliterate Prometheus as they do so. Hiding inside an alternate domain, they realise the obliteration of Prometheus had also destroyed all the Curses, including the Glitch Curse.
  • They were now trapped inside their own domain.

That’s the past - now we’re here in the territory of Forum Curses Entr’acte and a new universe.

  • The story takes place in the Kingdom of North Guapo, a puppet state of the southern Kingdom of Guapo. It is a nation split into eleven districts, all mainly autonomous yet jointly censored to some degree by Guapo.
  • The districts are split apart - The Titan District, Cronus is almost completely a puppet of Guapo, and the five Primordial Districts are more favourable to Guaponian influence. The Olympian Districts would rather they have more self rule.
  • This leads to tension between the districts and a constant threat of civil war.
  • The story takes place in a city called the Eleventh, the capital of the Nyx District.
  • A few weeks before the story, Odysseus Academy experienced:
  • A small fire on Monday
  • A break in on Wednesday, along with a horse trespassing on school property.
  • The death of a wanted criminal, murderer of the parents of one of the students, on Thursday
  • A large fire, and the deaths of Troy Corner, Serena Maudite and William Strong in a mysterious murder, on Friday.
  • Many parents believing the school was cursed, didn’t let their children attend. Fair enough.

What have I learnt

I’ve done this before. I’ve learnt what’s good and what isn’t.

  • A tournament style game needs a lot of preparation
  • People do not like puzzle solving as much, FC:E was completely overwhelming to many.
  • People feel most engaged with a mixture of voting for a winner in a tournament and creating their own story in between.
  • Despite this Prometheus’ Arena was really hard to run. In order to fix this, I’ll slow down on the tournament and mix in other elements.
  • The more participants the harder it may be to run, but the more fun it’ll be.
  • Without player interaction the game ends up feeling quite stale
  • The best scenarios are when people take initiative and do something completely absurd.
  • I want somebody else to take centre stage. Dub has done so twice already with Sandal and Typ, Awesome destroyed the world once and that was enough, and I’ve spoken to taitc about how they want their character to progress and ideally end.

How to play.

  • You can join by posting a reply below with the following information
    - Character Name
    - Character Age - Somewhere between 14 and 18. The more decimals the better.
    - Favourite Subject - Yes this is a school. No I’m not going to force you to do Algebra to progress.
    - Theoretical Magic Ability - Yeah so.
    - Just a note about the above. I encourage you to select an ability which appears in AO. If your ability does not appear in AO, or the old magic list, I’d rather that it is either something that would fit in AO, something which is a fusion of some AO abilities or a limited magic power which wouldn’t fit in AO.
    You may also have to choose a wacky weapon to work with this ability. Keep that in mind
    - What clubs you want to join. Join up to two. Before you ask. Yes, the theatre club is important.
  • I also recommend joining the discord if you can. I’ll ping there for any major events.
  • Each IRL day a few things will happen
    • You can make up to one topic on the student run forum. To make a topic, reply with the [Topic Title], [Topic Category] and [Topic Body] or ping me in the discord with the same information.
    • You can reply to any number of topics which appear on the Odysseus Academy Forums.

Using the format [Topic In], [Message Replying To] and [Reply Body]

  • You can Message any other member of the Odysseus Academy Forums. Use the format [Message To], [Message Body]. Keep in mind everybody can see these messages, however in game the characters cannot.
  • A Public Event may occur, I’ll ping about it. This could be anything really. Keep a look out.
  • You may be DMed on the Forum a Private Event. For the sake of fairness, please keep any Private Events a secret from other players, unless I state otherwise. Private Events may require your response, but there is no pressure to respond. If I don’t get any response for a Private Event I’ll just
  • A Tournament Round may occur. I will explain these later. I sure wonder what you could be fighting with.

(if embed fail here’s the trello)
Odysseus Academy Forums | Trello

With that waffle out of the way, I’d like to reiterate that this game is much more fun with a good amount of people, so please invite friends to participate. If you haven’t played, still feel free to join in. This is just absurdity, I don’t expect you to understand it (Neither do I).


as requested

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funny rice hat cat : r/196

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(Ok time for an actual character)

Name: Ladnas Creed
Age: 18
Subject: Biology/astronomy
Ability: Neutron star magic
Fusion of: :plasma_magic_var1:/:sun_with_face:/:atom_symbol:
Clubs: Biology club(?), Art club

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The forum pops up with a large notification.
Hey there! Did you know that there’s a performance being ran by the Theatre Club soon? We recommend for you to join and participate, and we’re sure that you’ll have fun!!!

[Yes] [No]

I think I’m just going to ignore it

Ladnas isn’t much of an actor anyways

Then again… it might look good on a college application…

You try to ignore the message, but it decides to make a loud beeping noise.
I think you should choose an option…

Well… I suppose some extra stuff to put on my application for Blarvard University and the University of Chawaii wouldn’t hurt me.

I click yes.

Would you like to replace [Science Club] or [Art Club]?

…Science club, honestly, I’m not even really sure what I’d do in there.

Your choices have been accepted. Please stand by while your profile is made…

@DubiousLittleTyp0 Profile Created

Would you like to fill out your About Me?

Name: Tanner Gunner
Age: 17
Subject: history
Ability: phoenix.
Clubs: art/cinematography

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The forum pops up with a large notification.
Hey there! Did you know that there’s a performance being ran by the Theatre Club soon? We recommend for you to join and participate, and we’re sure that you’ll have fun!!!

[Yes] [No]


Embed is really not working oops
Ladnas Creed on Odysseus Academy Forums | Trello

I click no

Hey, we know that stuff like performing can be a daunting prospect, but we’re sure that you will have fun! Consider twice before denying this offer.

[Yes] [No]


Are you sure that you would like to give up on this chance?
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