Forum Decides #2 | When the suggestions category re-opens

Unfortunately i’m not going to subject myself to torture for your entertainment this time haha (might be on forum decides 3). This time, I want to talk about suggestions.

On April 2021, suggestions were closed and it has remained that way for nearly two years…

There was a reason for this, as Vetex pretty much had his vision for AO already and had to focus on that for the time being, not on the visions of others. I’ll admit, even if some of the suggestions had no chance of being added, I do miss seeing the crazy stuff the forum would come up with for the game.

Some suggestions were pretty reasonable:

Others? uhhh…

Some were game-changing, some were “pls add thing from anime I like”, and some were shitposts in disguise. But regardless of the quality, it was fun, and this category is bound to re-open soon with AO on the horizon. So with that being said, what kind of suggestions would you like to see when #suggestions re-opens? (don’t give actual suggestions lol but you can talk about the types of suggestions and clown on already existing ones)

I would like to see…
  • QoL Suggestions
  • Suggestions for new features (like a whole new mode or something that vet has never planned before)
  • Weapon/Fighting-Style/Magic Suggestions
  • Minor Suggestions that won’t take too long to add
  • MAJOR game-changing Suggestions that may as well be a whole update on their own
  • Just nuke the suggestions category lol
  • Other

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I’d like to see mostly QoL suggestions for a while, there’s still a bunch of main stuff that would probably make sense for vet to add before accepting other major ideas. Also people should get a good feel for the game and the direction it’s going in first before suggesting stuff that doesn’t fit the type of game it is

I suggest to allow forum users to marry each other

these make or break a game for me

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i want someone to submit a 9 paragraph long suggestion just so i can reply with “what”


Bro gonna be devious to new comers :sob:

I want to see what type of shitpost will be on suggestions when it opens back(if it opens back)

Isn’t that what you do anyway

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Smaller suggestions like Warlords one handing any (obviously not dual) normal weapon, if you have your hair turned off in the inventory then it automatically turns on when in jail, etc

I wanna suggest different kinda of possible vanity options :pray:

Be right back…

QoL and weapon suggestions, as well as possible FS in the future.

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