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If the forums were a card game, who would you want in your deck and why?
Yes i’m bored


I’d put @LittleShrekSheep in my card for bonus likes every turn and @liu as a card to skip the opponent’s turn (closing topics, heh).


vetex obviously, he can insta kill anyone by banning them


I’d use the Vetex card to win the game in one turn

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me myself and I?

Techlevel card will cause the deep thinking debuff, causing the opponent to lose 3 turns but draw 3 cards afterwards.


I would use the @WAX card to make my opponent lose brain cells

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Mal card to make the opponent obese

I think I’d put in @tong, @rlka, and @ore for aesthetics. And @Vetex for instantaneous perma-ban.

Wot? @Vetex is banned? Okay, then @Meta and @LittleShrekSheep for ultimate pvp knowledge and art/comic abilities


I win.


uh oh

i would use my card to send people to brazil for 1 turn

My card summons white eyes onto the battlefield.

@liu (Topic close) for the skip so I can setup @Mako for the white eyes (Shark summon), then lower the opponents stats using @Level (Skill issue). Finally, use @Req to get sunken gear to give to the shark ([ T R A D E M A N ] for the power boost.

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Techlevel card will also cause the bad at math nerf, which means that every time you draw one card you are likely to miscalculate and not draw any cards.

In other news my deck would be:
@ vetex for that instant god mode, @Danny_Zou for the no-life buff, which grants the user 1 extra turn per round after the card is played, @Meta for the meta ability, which means the current card meta is instantly added to the player’s hand, the @anon50359812 for the antinecrobump brazil, which sends the opponent to brazil if they do not play a card every turn. I would also use @Robotstics for his special ability h, which removes all cards from the opponent’s hand. Lastly I would use the @NEKOSAIKOU card for the cursed content buff, which forces the opponent to replace their entire hand.

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my deck would be uh

my 50th reskin card with special ability weekly writing where i give myself an extra card every draw
a dannyzou card
a betex card
a reskinned @liu card where if i use it, the victim gets TL0’d
a @TheSandCrab card where if a nekosaikou card is drawn, it activates the special ability video where the nekosaikou ability is voided
another reskin of me, this time with the ability ms paint where i summon beano with a 1/2 chance to fucking obliterate the other person, 100% chance to kill if the other person has a suncry deck sleeve
a @Tobi card so i can obliterate everyone even more using funni shitpost comik
and a @anon50359812 card for necrobump

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Imagine this card game was a random excuse to mention people.

Current Cards:

  • Macobre: “Closes topics” (skips 2 of your opponent’s turns)

  • Vetex: “Ban hammer” (instant win, tourney banned)

  • Mako: “Summon: White Eyes” (summons a white eyes that attacks your opponent, dealing 69 damage per turn, after 6 turns the summon turns into a larry)

  • Wax: “lose brain cells” (debuffs your opponent’s damage for 2 turns, if it kills they turn into a zombie)

  • Mal: “Child Obesity” (debuffs your opponent’s speed for 2 turns)

  • Meta: “PvP knowledge” (permanently buffs damage)

  • LittleShrekSheep: “Art/Comic” (permanently buffs speed and morale)

  • Srtolertus: “Send to Brazil” (skips the opponents turn, afterwards there’s a 10% chance each turn that the opponent will have PTSD, which skips their turn )

  • Level: “Skill Issue” (permanently buffs speed and debuffs your opponents defense)

  • Req: “Trademan” (gives sunken gear to a party member, increasing defense and morale)

  • Danny_Zou: “No-life” (grants an extra turn to the player)

  • Nekosaikou: “Cursed Content” (forces the opponent to replace their hand)

  • Robotstics: “h” (shuffles the opponent’s hand into the deck, might get tourney banned?)

  • TheSourSkittles: “Video” (nullifies Neko’s ability when played)

  • Tobi: “Funni” (deals 100 damage to the opponent)

  • Burgr: No Description Given (deals 101 damage to the opponent)

  • Rb1: “Pfp Change” (roll a die, if it’s even apply a random buff, if it’s odd apply a random debuff)

  • Sister: “Misinformation” (Sister spreads misinformation, confusing the opponent, which skips their turn)

  • ThatAsianInTheCorner: “Dank” (While on the field, buffs all cards’ abilities and/or damage by 2x. Only affects cards that are of the Memelord Typing. This boost goes away if TAITC is killed.)

  • John: “dnc, Do Not Care” (Blocks one enemy card’s abilities indefinitely until John is killed.)

  • Rezan: “Glue Snort” (Graffitis over a card of the summoner’s choice, drastically reducing Defence.)

  • BNTarwarn: “Shipping Hell” (Shows a weird Doujinshi she made, causing every opponent’s eyes to flare up in disgust for 2 turns)

  • Bluemin_Sword: “engineer gaming” (every couple of turns or so, spawns a Sentry Gun that attacks opponents, dealing 60 damage per turn.)


dont forget skittles and my reskins


@Figure I double dare you to do a @ vetex.

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