FORUMS innovation awards 2024: discussion thread

So we had a thread to complain about the nominees for this year’s innovation awards and I think we can all agree they suck, but then Gamehero came up with this:

I like this idea a lot. Why don’t we make our own innovation awards?

This is going to be the discussion thread. I may create a discord server if things get a little too chaotic but I’d prefer to stick to the forums for this.


Start off by bringing 10 categories we should nominate games for.

I’m not sure if we should do the same ones as roblox did so give me some ideas

My own ideas were:

  • strategic
  • rpg
  • historical
  • horror
  • shooter
  • open world
  • best graphics

As you can see it’s not enough and I need more to categories to have a complete set

i feel like Cruelty Blox is a good contender for shooter.

it’s a multiplayer and more sandbox-y version of Cruelty Squad, which is one of the best shooters off roblox.

once you get past the graphics and odd control scheme, it plays quite well with all its different augments and weapons. tons of playstyles and a good bit of progression too.

though i doubt too many people here have played it, since it rarely ever exceeds 20 concurrent players nowadays. i still think its one of the most unique and fun shooters on the platform rn

probably won’t win this but i’m nominating defend the statue for strategic

the game’s in beta so right now it’s pretty rough in spots, but it’s literally a core defense lol

not much can be said about loadouts or build making but there’s a huge emphasis placed on target priority, multitasking and teamwork if you want to actually beat the game, which i feel is more important

outside of the strategy aspect there’s still so much work and polish put into the game that makes it really stand out, definitely deserves to have a spot in this category

I’ve also just got the idea to add a lore category

i think that should be renamed to writing

Nominating Centaura. It’s a shooter game with amazing audio design, great graphics and a good story. Long Live Aquila.


I nominate Hellmet for best shooter and I nominate G&B for best historical/horror


I’ll propose a category: Incremental.

This is like an old game but Entry Point for writing?

The only game on Roblox that has a well written story instead of just “go beat up the bad guys”


Go beat up the good guys to save morally grey girl who was taken by the good guys due to bad guy. Now go kidnap a morally dubious guy to discover the bad guys’ secret box in a secret bank containing information about the secret safehouse which you go and raid along with the good guys you beat up earlier, who are also beating you up sometimes. Turns out this was planned by morally grey girl but your bad guys don’t like that so they (probably) murder her and throw her in a lake. You’re friends with her so you also will be murdered but bad guy (theirs) saves you from bad guy (yours) now you switch sides, rob bad guys’ bank (again), realises morally grey girl is (probably) dead, goes to save a morally dubious scientist from the bad guys, rob the canadians of their secret bunker location, then blow bad guys’ bunker up and die, while bad guy goes and murders bad guy.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
What do you mean the expansion heists

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Still better than 99% of Roblox “story” games

Story is good though

I’m not complaining I love the game

Hm, just spitballing some ideas, but:

  • Unusual (the game does something different and interesting)
  • Cooperative (multiplayer with a focus on teamwork)
  • Classic (because the Classic event was sub-par and we’ve gotten quite a few old-roblox-esque games)
  • Fantastical (weird games which feel “far away” from our world)
  • Self-expression (games which offer lots of means for the player to express themselves)
  • Puzzle (puzzle games, ‘nuf said)
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So far, I got these:


  • Noobs in Combat
  • Rise of Nations
  • The Conquerors 3
  • Legends of Esculone


  • Deepwoken
  • Arcane Odyssey
  • Vesteria
  • Block Tales


  • Centaura
  • Guts & Blackpowder
  • Airship Assault
  • Entrenched


  • Doors
  • Twenty One
  • Pressure
  • Mystery Flesh Pit


  • Hellmet
  • Apocalypse Rising 2
  • Cruelty Blox
  • Decaying Winter

Open World

  • Arcane Odyssey
  • Apocalypse Rising 2
  • Starscape
  • Rulost


  • Decaying Winter
  • Defend the Statue
  • Combat Initiation
  • Colors in Question


  • Arcane Odyssey
  • Entry Point
  • Centaura
  • RPG Elevator


  • Super Doomspire
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Underground War
  • super bomb survival


  • Tower of Hell
  • Flood escape 2
  • Abyss World
  • Abyssal

Request more games I can add onto this

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I like these 3 category ideas. I wanna keep it at 10 so I will remove graphics since we don’t really have anything for it and it can be very subjective

Puzzle games could probably fit under strategic depending on the game (puzzle games are so rare anyway)

Feel free to suggest some of the games that I already added to the list into other categories, since I haven’t played some of them thoroughly enough to be able to judge

How about Combat Initiation for Cooperative, and Block Tales for RPG? (I mean, we’re counting AO, which is also an early access game)

Alternatively, they could both be considered for the Classic category. Along with Super Doomspire.

if the cooperation category exists i suggest defend the statue be moved there

also since obbies are such a prominent part of roblox history might as well add the platformers category