FORUMS innovation awards 2024: discussion thread

in that case combat initiation could go in either classic or cooperation

Vesteria is cheeks

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you gotta add super bomb survival for classic


Your opinion is not valid

it is kinda cheeks though, no sense of progression

Right then, we’re ready for voting!

it is valid, i played it for 20+ hours and tried to pvp in the arena at max level and my hp literally just disappeared
the dungeons are good tho

how would you rate the pve of vesteria if pvp is the issue

Vesteria is not about pvp

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Calling 2016 classic feels wrong to me, technically it is i guess but it just feels wrong

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vesteria pve is also boring, certain subclasses will just not be able to do anything in pve (trickster, knight, bard) as they deal low damage (the loot system also doesnt award anything else other than damage)

i know lmao im not stupid
the pve isn’t entertaining either, it’s pretty close to a bandit beater if you want to level up at a good pace

I think Aftermath is just a better and newer apocalypse rising 2 and a much better shooter, I would replace ar2 with Aftermath or have both.

hey guys go over here

I played Aftermath and I didn’t like it. The colors of the game just physically hurt my eyes

Also it is INCREDIBLY laggy and the looting system was by weight or something, which is one of the major reasons I disliked it because the looting system is what made AR2 fun to play for me. Simple yet effective.

Also the guns could break or something iirc? Idk I don’t like Aftermath.

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I like cruelty blox but the skill floor is lowkey so cooked and it makes my head hurt


AR2 is just very lacking in content and the devs have only added events with nothing to them aside from skins but you are right about Aftermath, It’s just that those two are what we have on Roblox.

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