Forums people, what is your opinion on vetcord?

  • They’re the reason I stick to the forums.
  • They’re not too bad.
  • No opinion.
  • Who?

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I don’t care about them and they don’t care about me

thats a way to look at it

i know nothing about them

haven’t stuck around vetcord long enough to formulate an opinion?

good on ya

hate it when level 50s spread misinformation

Don’t even use vetcord after I found out about the forums

Too many kids asking stupid questions?

Can’t really say that since I was one of them, back in 2020~? It’s just that it felt annoying to talk in there. Also, no image perms.

“no image perms im phacking leaving”

Yep :D(tbh I would have stayed without it, but honestly forums is just a better vetcord)

I mean, look at this! We are having a real conversation! Can’t have one of those in vetcord.

Can’t have shit in vetcord :sob:

That and the forums is actually a good place for discussion

and not filled with misinformation and assholes committing tomfuckery

and if there are any they usually get spotted and ignored/moderated

why the hell do people use vetcord

when you can actually have discussions in the forums

I only occasionally use it to reconnect with my good friend BlazoBoom. He was pretty well known back in the older days(long time member of vetex games)

He doesn’t really use forums much, though.

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If they use Vetcord its likely because it seems to be the closest and most “friendly” source of information.

But the thing is, most people on Vetcord dislike the new members of AO(probably because they are either annoying or just weird)

So then they find out about forums, check it out, and probably permanently convert.

im just thinking about the fact that the forums are genius in design

with you being able to sign in with a discord account and immediately just making a topic, and going to work on a discussion or a question or whatever

sky’s the limit, everything’s neatly categorized and several channels in vetcord are directly linked to the forums

Whenever I go to the vetcord it’s just people spamming about Iris their so annoying oh my god

either that or some other copypasta which if you’re not careful with what you say

uhh people will turn your words into one

@anon70689050 are you writing a rant on all your negative experiences with vetcord

thumbs up for yes