Fought a cardinal today

very fast fight

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I would say you are toxic for no reason by saying ‘‘ez’’ but at the same time him eating all m1s like that is just plainly being dumb as a brick lmfao.

yes, that’s what im trying to achieve

to be fair it did look pretty easy

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how do you deal so much damage while having that insane amount of hp

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It’s really not that hard to get high power armour and then just give it all the hard enchant unless your luck is going into negative numbers like mine.

bro only lost like 1k bounty lol

he lost like 12k bounty

All things considered that’s barely anything at all :skull:

Bounty hunting gives you 2500 or so and freeing criminals from prison/stopping executions gives like 3k. 12k is laughable.

First of all, you should know that fame is way harder to get than bounty. You might think 12k is not a lot but that is equal to 4-5 rival bounty. This means that grinding 4-5 rival bounty would take around 20-30 mins while I can get it in just 1 bounty

You should read this post I made:

and this is my build:

note that because iron leg element is metal, it’s more effective than thermo fist by x2

This is a constant reminder for me to take M1ing seriously despite how stupid it sounds and look in the context of AO’s Combat System

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how do you make you clips longer?

What do you mean

My medal only clips the last 15 seconds.

I am on Macbook so it may be slightly different. However, for me, there’s a setting that let me choose how far back I want to record

I see. Thanks.

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