Frost Magic

This is both a suggestion and an exercise of Thoreau’s principle of civil disobedience. I disagree with the new rule, thus this is part protest.

Frost Magic

Recently I have noticed some cold-based magic suggestions. To be honest I dislike all of those. They’re mostly gimmicky things without much uniqueness. Thus, I propose a magic with more custom abilities.
This magic is simple in nature, it is the embodiment of archetypal cold.

Details/background on your proposal

Firstly, upon clashing the magic reduces the speed of all incoming projectiles, magical or otherwise. The magic vaporizes on contact with terrain, creating large frozen patches which lower the temperature of all who touch them, decrease their movement speed, and cause slipping. These patches also appear on objects within a certain distance of the attack, making it an exceptional area denial magic.
The magic has low range, its attacks vaporize after traveling a certain distance.
The magic deals low damage but applies a DoT, the frostbite effect, which slowly damages the target. Five stacks of Frostbite applies one stack of Bleed. This will lead to the Frozen effect when struck again. Objects with Frostbite applied appear blue.
The magic has a slow travel speed and ridiculously large size. It deals 0 destruction.
A fully charged attack will also cause large spikes to emerge from the patches created by the attack, which apply Bleed when touched.
In appearance, the magic is mostly transparent with glowing pale blue effects around it. The effects describe the attack’s hitbox.

Reason to add/change

Firstly, due to a lack of cold magics, and secondly, as a form of protest.

I expect this to be closed.

yes hi i am inb4 closed but take my vote

Im not even gonna ping them. Im just gonna let this get locked.


Why is there opposition to this rule? These suggestions are banned because Vetex isn’t going to add anything to the list. Suggesting lost and prims when taking into account this information is just useless and obstructive.

Danny you disappoint me with this . . .