We should be able to suggest Lost/Primordial Magics

Another problem with banning these is that they start leaking into other categories.


IMO I thought suggestions was a place for ideas people thought of that might fit the game could be put out onto the forum and discussed about. I never look at a suggestion and think, “Vetex really needs to add this into the game!” I just really enjoy the conversations that come out of those suggestions. Plus if a suggestion gets really popular, and Vetex likes it then awesome. Otherwise I don’t think an entire category should be banned from suggestions leaving no other suitable place for people to talk about it.


I thought players would have 3 starter magics, 1 lost magic and 1 lost/primordial magic, not 3 magics total.

There are 3 starters, but Starter-Lost-Prim pairs are still useful for character themes.

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I think they mean that people will mostly use a certain theme of magic, not that they only have three slots for their magic. People will still have 3 starter magic slots but may opt instead to use a theme of fire related or earth related magic.

This is a great suggestion that would improve the game in a massive way by allowing Cold-Themed wizards to have a Lost cold magic as well. It was closed in under an hour.

I really think that the current list of lost/primordial magic is missing a lot of variety. Many lost magic types are related to fire, wind and lightning, with a couple odd ones that stand out. I think that’s where magic suggestions might help flesh out the list of lost magic into a more developed variety. Also each suggestion shouldn’t have to fit into games every aspect, thats not the job of the suggester to make it perfect. Vetex should use the suggestions we post to make his own ideas more akin to what the community wants while being balanced in the game. They aren’t applications that vetex will either completely deny or fully accept every part, he is the developer so he can take the best parts of a suggestion to bring the community and the game closer together.

yes we bro, I am a part of the we who feels like you shouldn’t suggest shit that will be added a fucking year later just because you think it’s interesting and suggest something actully relevant to the upcoming Arcane Odyssey Update because vetex doesn’t need to scroll through primordial bullshit just because you guys think it’s fun to shitpost some cool shower ideas that’ll be added a whole year or more later

yea 20 votes epic :poggerfish: yea imagine making a stupid suggestion and getting 20 votes and your argument is it has 20 votes out of the 100s of people on the forums and 1000s of people who play the game so it’s obviously good

I mean this is a forum for the community surrounding these games to come together and have conversations right? That’s the whole point of a forum.

Why are you so angry? You said “year” with the rage of a tortured demon. You call my suggestion stupid for no reason. All I did was disagree. All of the shitpost suggestions won’t get any votes and therefor won’t be looked at by Vetex.

suggestions category is for serious suggestion that should be implemented in the game not shitposts or stuff which vetex would obviously not accept or look through this early, feel free to discuss it in #game-discussion if you want to discuss about lost magics and primordial if you’re that interested

Vetex can just automatically delete suggestions with >10 votes so that isn’t a problem at all. There is already a category for discussing suggestions and it is #suggestions.

That’s the point though, people already dislike suggestions for magic showing up randomly in game discussions. It only fits into suggestions, so if it can’t be posted there, where else can it go?

why should vetex delete suggestions? man already dealing with making tgr and he has to look through shitposting kids who just be like
'Funi magic idea pls ad vetex dnc if it’s not even on the roadmap and will be planned out a year or more later i have gud ide so u must ad if u dont u bad me flood category with funi idea"

no they dont

Vetex already deletes declined suggestions. He doesn’t even have to look at suggestions with >10 votes. He can just sort by most votes and purge any topics with less than 10 votes. It takes no time at all to delete them.

suggestions isn’t a category for talking about funi idea it’s a place for suggesting actual shit not stuff being added a long time later which vetex won’t accept cause too early

Dude take a look at the most recent post of a lost magic in the game discussion, people are confused why it’s there and not in suggestions. Plus if they don’t flood suggestions, it will flood game discussions instead.

“Suggestions isn’t a place for bad suggestions. It’s a place for good suggestions.” That’s the point of voting. Voting already gets rid of bad suggestions.