Frozen [ Arcane April, Day 7 ]

hi this is a small story I had to end really quick bc some irl stuff


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so I woke up and edited the story again

I might retain its own ‘bnt-was-rushed-in-ending-this-story energy’ in the writing because why not

     In the far away north of Magius, beyond the villages, towards the empty neverland — there was a ground occupied by carvings of the people.

     Over the years, sculptor folks had devoted themselves to this neverland. To revive this vast space where nothing grew, everyone who visited this place had one goal — to fill this land with memories. Whether it symbolizes journeys, stories, histories — every single of them were memories of this land.

     The journey to fill this land had been unwavering. Until some found that the skies and nature itself became colder and more vicious than ever. The weaker ones who can’t withstand these violent obstacles from the sky called them a curse, but the stronger ones who endured this difficulty called them a test of one’s will.

     With this test of nature, the ice carvers who swore by their oath trained themselves. Whatever the skies might use to end the curious humans, these people would become even stronger than the hardest of ices, to fulfill their ultimate goals.

     As few people managed to pass this test and create their memories somewhere even far away, this violent land was marked as ‘The Storm Trial’.

     Other than sculptors, the strongest of fighters and adventurers had heard about this place’s rumors. And they used this place to test their skills too.

     Of course, the Storm Trial had its own stories from people. Some may be truths, some may be lies, but everyone who visited that place had their own experiences to tell.

     Such as this little story of a warrior from the nearby land, named Ezra. He was the boy who chose the path towards this endless journey of growing stronger. With his desire to grow every day, this budding warrior challenged himself to endure challenges he discovered. Duels, challenges, labyrinths, he had a fair share of those.

     With Ezra’s extreme persistence to go forward, he went ahead into this journey alone, until the moment he had risked everything he had through the Storm Trial. Back then, he had nothing else to lose in this trial, except for his life, and his will. After this all-or-nothing trial, he had reached beyond the storms and disasters, where landmarks of people’s strength were created. Statues, carvings, flags, all gathered in their own spots over the years.

     Ezra knew he’d found a challenge somewhere in these creations, as all of them came from the people who had passed the trial. He continued looking for this challenge. Until he decided to follow a series of ice sculptures.

     Powers, emotions, and memories, all frozen in these carved ices. As for Ezra, he was captivated by their designs. He could see the strong dedication and the subtle delicacy in the cuts, along with a tip of magic energy nearby.

     In a place like this, Ezra knew this energy belonged to the formidable sculptor for sure.

     And Ezra was right. Immediately, he searched and challenged the lone sculptor for a duel, in this land beyond the Storm Trial. As for sculptor folk, they had been observing Ezra being lost in their own creations for a while, until they were caught off guard by Ezra’s challenge.

     “Hey, that guy on the ice tower over there! I challenge you for a battle!”

     Ezra shouted as he aimed his arcanium-forged knife towards the sculptor’s tower.

     Not wasting any moment of hesitation, the sculptor grabbed their own arcanium saw and lept down the tower. As they approached, Ezra could see a cold glare from the sculptor.

     “My name’s Rune. And who the hell could you be?”

     With Ezra’s stubbornness and Rune’s sharp tongue, the pair fought their first duel. Even if that ended with some destruction, both opponents ended up being the first friends of each other.

     Quite a sudden turn of events, I’d say. And what happens next?

     I’ll continue this story later when our time would arrive. But hey, all I could say about those two is…

     Sooner or later, their memories would be frozen in the time.


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