Full power build

Do y’all think that a full power build is viable, or do you think its better to have some defense enchanted armor to balance it out be able to tank more hits?

At least one defense amulet. No item in the game can compare to amulets and sadly you can only get one of them. Getting a hard defense amulet would get you like 20~ more health than if you didn’t have any defense items while only losing like 5-10% of the power that item that would have been there would bring.

Glass cannons pretty much get one shotted by quad blasts and a small increase in damage, in general, is not worth a massive decrease in health.

That being said it can be “viable”, you can win fights with full power even against similarly skilled players, just that it’s not the most optimal build out there.

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one def amulet and full powerful gear is more used for pve imo. But if you are chasing people then i can see a glass cannon work

A friend and I used full 634s at one point and I can safely say no. You can technically survive if you are good at dodging and pblocking, but honestly that little bit of power you get from the cultural item is not as good as a defense amulet. You should at least have a 752 set, which is what I switched to shortly after getting the 634 glass cannon, but honestly 806 seems better to me anyways.

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If you wanna have a build that’s made exclusively to chase people down like derp said, I would recommend at least a defense amulet, power amulet, and wizard robes. If you want other stats that would help to kill when chasing them I would say agility or magic size. Something like an agility/size amulet and then a warrior/mercenary boots could be used for speed/size. This is not a good pvp build though, only for tracking down skill issues who don’t fight back. Also the enchantments you should use for this would be hard/powerful and then nimble/bursting depending on the type of build

an example of this would be my meme build: The ultimate skill issue build

If it were a speedy build then agility amulet and merc pants obv

goofy ah build if somebody fights back

Dont you mean 200 hp? Hard def amulets give 176 hp iirc

pretty solid advice, thanku. also this is what im currently running right now if i could get your thoughts on it. also im a plasma mage so thats why im running magic speed


dw the braindead magic size will take care of it. Unless. You know. They can press t.

yeah i agree, i dont think im skilled enough to pull off glass cannon, and im a plasma mage which also doesn’t perform too well in pvp so running a defense amulet would probably work best. this is what im currently running right now.


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no not magic speed agillity

and most people running never press t they press spacebar and hold q

I haven’t used magic size in a build before so idk how effective it is, but as a plasma main with 180 hours I can say that you should stick more with defense compared to power.

My build is a little different since it uses sunken in it and I can’t pull the exact stats up but imo a 968 build would be most effective if you don’t have expensive items. This would include the full wizard set, a dull defense amulet, and a dull power amulet. 4 of the items would be enchanted with hard, and 1 with powerful. It doesn’t matter which items are enchanted with what as long as it totals to that many enchants.

Now, the BEST set probably uses more sunkens than mine but I only have 1 sunken effective for a build so I’m not sure

but yeah for plasma have at least 900 hp and a decent amount of power, plasma has low damage so having a good amount of hp levels it out

meant 20% :skull: but still not quite it, with health being like 676 or smth and you getting 176 health it’s more like 15~ percent. Don’t feel like doing the math.

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Defo no, its not even that good when ganking just because they’ll come back eventually

Tbh best builds with sunken only use one, i prefer hard or powerful sunken chestplate with wind and a keen Bursting Helmet with fire

Oh got it then, mine is normal meta set with powerful sc