Fun fact! Apparently, if a crew NPC ends up randomly named as another existing quest NPC, it will count towards your quest marker

I was about to leave to Nimbus Sea, but I left a few Ravenna quests not turned in (plus the Dodge Reflex quest), and after completing the dodge reflex quest, I was about to go to Nimbus when I saw a marker point in a player’s caravel. I went to check it out and wondered why the hell I was tasked to go to this guy.

After a quick search, I remembered that Servius Lurco is the farmer from Tiberia, whose quest I grabbed and completed a while ago.

Silly game, the actual guy is an entire island away!


Wow, never heard of this happening before. What a lucky discovery.


Interesting. I did actually get Vel Revora on my ship once, but it was ages after I completed the quest.

As another thing, I have had another crew npc who shares a name with a regular npc pretty recently.

This guy, who I took a random picture of because he seemed funny, ended up on my ship on a few days ago.

Man that’s actually really interesting! Thanks for letting us know!

Possible speed run strat for quests?
You would have to get really lucky :eyes:

That means we could get Iris as a crew member because she’s born in Ravenna :heart_eyes:

you cant speak to crew mates unless they’re a deckhand

Thats true

This talk about strange quests leading you to the wrong people reminded me of something that happened back in WoM. One of the town npcs asked me to deliver a letter to someone, but that someone was a wanted blacksmith or something, so I couldn’t talk to them to deliver the letter. Instead I killed them and that seemed to work.

identity theft is not a joke, the Grand Navy will arrive shortly to apprehend the criminal

vetex: if NPCs:FindFirstChild(“NPCName”) do

That’s really cool! Not so useful with the removal of repeatable quests though…

What do you mean by scem? You came in here and posted 4 characters?

i think he meant scam, as in the npc is scamming you ( cause they arent the real one )

identity theft

if one of the people that you are hunting has a crew npc named after a Ravenna quest npc they can’t escape unless the go in darksea