Fun things to do at level 90 in WoM

Once you reach the maximum level in WoM, what do you do? If the purpose of life is the pursuit of perfection, then achieving perfection is a finality equivalent to death, as no more progress or change can occur. Is your story…perfect? Is the journey over? Fear not! You will never be perfect (loser lmao), and there are plenty more things you can do while waiting for Arcane Odyssey to release:

Obvious Ones Unless you're Kandy
  • Fish for rare armor.
  • Complete the fish journal.
  • Build up an inventory of valuable items to sell in AO (assuming they carry over)
  • Get maximum positive or negative rep
  • farm bosses
  • Pick fights with real human beings who have feelings and possibly tears.
  • Become bored
  • Move on to the better lists below
Whoot's Collection
  • Become a lumberjack
  • Start an old boot collection
  • Experiment with fashion
  • Pick fights with self-imposed handicaps
  • Experience tornadoes
  • Vandalize Statues
  • Sleep in the fountain
  • Get maximum movement speed and race iron or gold magic.
  • Get the Minotaur to destroy towns.
  • Get King David to touch every region’s grass.
  • Go fishing with the Minotaur.
  • Try to make a sandcastle, end up with a sand irregular polyhedron.
Replies (with some interpretation)
  • Accumulate magical detritus; bury, flood, or fumigate a town of your choice.
  • Property damage
  • Consider Bees(?)
  • Do a no magic run.
  • Do a no World of Magic run
  • Steal as much as you can before the Silent tower collapses.
  • Be villainous; antagonize the weak.
  • Enjoy dynamic (and questionable) ice sculpting.

I’ll update this as I think of more things to do.


Add “Maximum Magic Size”

Kill off summer hold with poison or flood riverville with water


Fun things to do at level 5000 in your dream:
split magius into two continents with a single blast

Mighty crash on ships

…farm the exiled/mino

i feel like that one is an obvious one

I think in my head that was part of the build inventory stage, but I’ll add it

If you’re gonna try and go back to WoM with that crusty-ass laptop of yours, consider:

I have added my best interpretation of this.

another one is not play WoM

add PvP to obvious ones

Yea bro sit and click for 800 hours tedious boring gameplay for a virtual item that goes bye bye after a 2 updates

stop talking about fishing

Crowns won’t get wiped just farm crown codes

roleplay gives you either piss colour or edgy colour

got the item I need no tq

TLDR: There’s better games play them don’t play this laggy worthless shit which even the developer hates what he created


I agree that most of the obvious ones aren’t actually fun, but I love my piss color name and it was fun to get.

doing bandit beating quests, sucking magic council dick and killing minotaur 17 times amazing fun.
Getting demon sure fun beating NPCs and breaking stuff but getting piss colour is just opposite of fun. Any fine you can’t pay reduces your rep into half so if you farmed till 6000 and forgot to pay a fine back to 3000 :skull: .

Forgot that

I like to live both dangerously and monotonously what can I say.

then it isn’t considered fun. Only fun thing you can do in WoM rn is being a bad rep killing and gets stale doing it in the same good after a while.

I don’t disagree, but in the spirit of the post I’m gonna suggest you try the old boot collection, or sleeping in a fountain, very fun I assure you. Money back guaranteed! if you got the bait for free.

clearly there’s nothing to do in WoM so instead of making people deluded why don’t we all wait for AO and play a game that’s good till then

Ok I guess I have to say it. This post isn’t meant to be taken seriously, that’s why it has a not-very-serious tag. Maybe it was never funny, but I just want to put some lighthearted stuff out there. Most people would probably agree that there’s nothing to do in WoM at the moment. I don’t even play it at the moment. Do what you want, I’m gonna return to my previous tone after this.

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Yea I know but people talk about WoM like it has content after reaching level 90 with boss drops so for them.

this part was pretty funny tho

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