Fun things to do at level 90 in WoM

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Not something you can do with a level 90 account but if you got a file that’s all maxed, good gear and all, then make a new file with the handicap that you can’t use magic. No magic at all, only weapons. As someone who has done that, it’s not easy at first but once you get your dagger and maybe a bow it becomes so much easier. With the nerf to weapons that happened when the Strength stat was added it made this a real challenge. I still play on my weapons-only file just because it’s pretty fun, only thing that sucks is fighting the Exiled so I suggest going with the Hero route.

i have a mission

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He sits all day there in Summer Hold Castle watching borderline NSFW about himself in his bedroom since he is a narcissist.

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i am capable of dragging him outside of the summer hold

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Fun things to do at level 90 in WoM:

Press the red “X” at the top right of the screen, and wait for AO

Added it.

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Sunken stuff isn’t gonna get wiped, unless you mean it’s value then yes it’s gonna become a lot less valuable :eye:

I interpreted that as meaning the sunken iron items will have more powerful versions available once the level cap is increased, I think this was a concern even before tgr was announced. I can understand why someone wouldn’t see the point in spending an uncertain amount of time trying to get something that will be outclassed before long, but I suppose it’s a nice reward for those who enjoy fishing.

So in my eyes, it’s something people are better off getting as a result of fishing, rather than something you should go fishing to try and get, if that makes sense.

I see your point, but aswell it being just a fishing reward is still wrong, sunkens either way will still have some value in AO, likely not much but you could probably still trade it for something ok, and also you could get enough to trade them for a headless head or exchange them for boss drops which will be more useful in AO so that’s also a win, basically getting sunken stuff is still pretty worth and it’s not really just a reward for fishing.
(Keep in mind that this applies to the armour and likely not the sword, the sword will probably still have loads of value in AO)

ok but that doesn’t change the fact how tedious fishing is

I can agree on that but not many people actually fish for sunkens, they just trade for them :woman_shrugging:

finding a person who doesn’t know the value of sunken is really hard

Someone out there has to be fishing for them, more power to them. I fished for sunken items for a while when they first came out, but gave up after I got two boots. Anyway statistically there’s probably a few people who like fishing to some extent, or like something about it.

You don’t have to scam people to get sunkens, you can trade a lot of boss drops in-game or on the forums for a shitty piece and get a couple more then turn that into something more valuable. Easier said than done but it’s way easier if you fish up 1 or a couple pieces yourself.

yea i thought of doing that but I had a hard time finding anyone who’d accept a lot of boss drops for sunken maybe i should try in AO again

Well good luck my friend though some advice I can give you is that people in game really like any seasonals and oathkeepers, and you gotta trade boss drops for a really shitty one like a forceful or bad enchant sunken helm.

  • raid silent tower for the chests
  • scare the shit out of low levels as a villain
  • use a 20 blast spell on water(while you a ice user)

Good stuff. One time someone gave me a hard time fishing by spamming ice (or maybe magma I don’t remember clearly) like that, which was a good laugh.