Funny story idea

So I had a talk about WoM with fang and liu so i came up with a perfect story.

We start off with our main character timmy claw, timmy galleons dragon counterpart, a skywing.

When the queen was killed, it was the last straw, timmy was sick of the war and madness, as well as all the cruelty and unjust, so like any normal person, he decided he was going to start a revolution and overthrow all major dragon superpowers and turn the land into a giant democracy.

How was he gonna do this? Simple, build a secret rebellion consisting of the strongest scavenger and dragon criminals and warriors, and violently overthrow the queens one at a time.

As well as having fun along the way.

Also at some point he meets the actual timmy, and they become friends

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Queen Scarlet, the queen of the Skywings, died while after the war, and they got a new queen immediately (It was a duel)

No one particularly liked Scarlet, either.

Ik, but timmy just couldn’t stand the war in general, so hes gonna start a rebellion in Hope he can fix it.

So kinda like the Dragonets of Destiny but humans, alr

Yes, and by the end timmy is a fricking buff dude with his army of all dragons and ppl. And the final queen they’re going to overthrow is the nightwings.

I have no idea how much lore this violates, but sounds cool.

Fuck lore me and the boys hate lore

Does this take place at the beginning or the end of the first arc? You would either be killing Battlewinner or Glory

(Battlewinner is the Nightwing queen until the end of the 4th book, where Glory is then the queen of both the Rainwings and the Nightwings since Battlewinner dies epicly.)

This takes place waaaaaaayyyyyyy later, timmy by then isnt a spunky young dragon anymore Andy now a full on war tyrant by the time they challenge them.

So when does it take place…?

After glory is queen and battlwinner is queen, the revolution starts with kicking battlewinner off the royalty

( in theory this has happened a few months later after scarlet is dead)

Timmy has a scavenger friend that he taught dragon language to, so they talk about starting the revolution one day and that’s how it begins…

Battlewinner died a while before scarlet died.

Glory becomes queen of the Rainwings in book 3
Battlewinner dies and Glory becomes queen of both the Rainwings and Nightwings in book 4
The War of Sandwing Succession ends in book 5
Scarlet dies in book 8

Man I haven’t read the series in a while so oof

Well then I guess the chaos begins whenever fits the timeline best

Maybe do it 6th book, just make sure to get ahold of the Darkstalker scroll later so beeg angry animus dragon doesn’t wake up and ruin everything.

Got it, I’ll send human timmy to do that with a squad team


If you contain the scroll, Darkstalker won’t wake up.

He causes things like the Nightwings separating, half the Icewings dying, the world succumbing to him, ect. so keep him out of the fray even if it kills Moon’s sanity

And end it before the 14th book probably, since then the lost continent comes invading

What if we burn the scroll?