General build-making guide

Should probably put a bit less in strength

my mans punches heal people

i thought blinding stacks?

not sure about snowy and sandy but since they obscure vision too wouldnt they fuction similarly to blinding?

Yeah mb, was specifically talking about DOT’s in that statement.

Crystalized, blinded, snowy, and I believe drained all stack. I’m unsure about sandy

You have unused stat points, not optimized, bad build, did you learn nothing from this post? Smh my head……

Let me move it to the AO guides.

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I feel that

  1. Vitality is too high, as vitality lowers damage
  2. Weapons is too low, as it does not even have enough to make the most out of old weapons.

very good answers, still missing some points tho

Also there arent enough strength points to get a fighting style and not enough magic to get placed explosion

Specifically looking for “wasted points”, where i put points into a stat but didn’t get anything out of it (which effectively just lowers my build’s total level)

Is a shadow savant a good idea?

yeah shadow is a good single magic, though it doesn’t have synergy so you’d probably want to be a fighting style savant.

Shadow is suggested to get nerfed in the tester doc, just a slight speed decrease though

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Can you show charging effects? Or is this not your image?

added “special hybrid unlocks” for strength weapons and any future hybrid weapons

Added “Ravenna sword” and “Ravenna shield” Unlocks because i honestly forgot they existed (And you should too)

Revamped skill unlocks section to provide more information while also being condensed in dropdowns (Unfinished, will continue working on it)