General build-making guide


I used to be a berserker but switched to a savant. I had previously selected shadow magic

My current stats are 20 VIT 90 MAG 90 STR and 50 WPN and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done

Double blast and using beam are efficient in soloing King Calvus, though I do suggest that you become a fighting savant. Second magic isn’t necessary though the upsideare that shadow magic cancells out his Aether magic.

I reccomend all Cernyx gear + Calvus chest piece and Carina leg piece (Calvus leg piece could work too)

Shadow Magic (obviously)
Basic Fighting (or thermo if you go 10 vit/ 100 STR) (thermo has its drawbacks if you fight calvus)
Iron Leg (second fighting style due to its reach being short)

Wooden Staff
(Any Argos weapon in the future), branch bow, or old gun
The better Ravenna shield (with durability enchant)

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Hmm, interesting stat spread. I personally went with 10 vitality and 100 strength for shockwave, though I can see how you’d not really need it that much.

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Must be an old link, lemme see if i can find a new one

NEW UPDATE! Added the UNLOCK requirements for all new skills, modified some outdated information. Please send screenshots of the modifiers for the new skills if you manage to get them, so i can put the information in the main post :smile:

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Made some edits to some fighting style modifier requirements, mainly the knockback setting

Err… quick summary of the build


  1. Use this build if you want to have a absolute shit build

Cons: damage
2.why did you put points in strenght
3.For a Savant,you don’t even need to put points in vitality SO JUST WHY!?

Updated info:

  • Updated vind and rare spell/technique requirements
  • Updated exceptions to weapon quality skill count
  • Added new boss weapons
  • Added more organization to skills, now with titles based on rank (Basic, rare, and future lost and ancient)
  • Updated all stat spreads to new maxes
  • Updated savant requirements
  • Updated some Build Path Summaries

Will be updating with the new skill notes system for weapons soon.

Updated weapons to include all the information about the new skill notes system.

Also changed some of the formatting for weapons to make it more clear which weapons are “good” quality vs “average” or “poor” quality, because that is actually important information now.