Gillian, the Cursed Knight - A Unique Enemy with Several Drops

Gillian, the Cursed Knight - A Unique Enemy with Several Drops
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Notes - This guy is in no way related to either the main storyline, or Akursius Keep(Despite his title), He’s a mostly original idea I came up with myself.

Lore/Backstory: Very little is known about Gillian, because pretty much anyone who encounters him is attacked on sight(or completely ignored if he does not deem them a threat), and on the extremely rare occasion that someone has bested him in combat he only briefly speaks with them and reveals hardly any information before his body dissipates and reforms in a completely different part of the bronze sea, his soul moving with it. What is known, is that he was once a kind-hearted, noble warrior, who one day encountered a mysterious figure he describes as a “Witch”, who’s true name he dare not repeat out of disgust. What specifically happened is not known, but he came out a different man and has been the same ever since. He soon realized that he is completely and utterly immortal; no mortal can truly kill him. He turned his attention to the gods, praying and begging that they relieve him of his curse, but his cries went unanswered, and Gillian reached his breaking point. He now wanders the bronze sea as a violent, bloodthirsty warrior, in a desperate, but futile, attempt to find a worthy opponent who can finally put him out of his misery.

Spawning Behavior: Gillian has a small chance of spawning in place of a criminal/hero on any island where they can appear. When approached, a boss health bar will appear on the player’s screen, and he will begin to attack. It should be noted that Gillian only attacks players that are level 100+. He may be violent and insane, but he’s not a total monster, he’d never battle a foe he considers too weak or incapable of defending themself, as afterall his primary goal is to find someone strong enough to break his curse and put him down for good.

Phase 1: Gillian has 2,000 hp in total. Unlike most other bosses, Gillian himself does not make use of magic as an offensive tool, and he’s also not very mobile, but he makes up for that with a very aggressive moveset. Against a mage or other ranged opponent he will constantly attempt to close the distance while chipping them down with his own ranged attacks. In melee, he will use grabs, quick combos of lighter attacks with his sword, and slow, heavy attacks with his pole-axe. He also makes use of his shield to block attacks, though he cannot parry(he blocks very frequently though, if he’s not already making an attack himself he will almost always block your attacks, but it doesn’t completely negate the damage).
Sword Strikes - Various slashes and stabs, his most used attack, usually in combos of 2-5 hits at once. Similar to the standard m1 attack of any melee weapon.
Thrusting Lunge - With sword in hand, extends his arm outward and blinks/dashes forward a short distance, doing heavy damage to anyone caught in it’s path.
Spiraling Tempest - Hold his sword outwards horizontally and starts spinning in a circle, progressively getting faster all the while slowly following his target. He ends the ability with an overhead slice that does a massive amount of damage in melee range and releases a vertical sword beam that does a low amount of damage and travels a short distance before dissipating.
Slam & Stab - A grab attack. Gillian plants his feet in the ground and squats before lunging forward with his shield, and if he hits he slams you into the ground with a shield bash before getting on top of you and stabbing your character for a huge amount of damage. This attack has a long recovery time if it misses, and a decent wind-up time, making it a perfect opportunity to punish him and get some more damage in.
Shield Slam - A simple attack where he slams his shield into the ground, producing a shockwave that does moderat e damage and knocks you back.
Retribution - Gillian stops moving and takes a defensive stance, holding his shield in front of him for a few seconds. Hitting him with any attack within this time period will negate the damage completely and cause him to follow up with an immediate counterattack, either a shield throw or a shield bash depending on how far away you are when you made the attack.
Pole-axe Swings - Powerful, but slow swings with his pole-axe. Can be any combination of thrusts, slashes, and blunt strikes, but no more than 3 hits in a single combo.
Concussive Blow - Uses the hammer side of his pole-axe for a powerful bludgeon that does high damage, briefly stuns you, and causes your screen to become blurry for a couple seconds while playing a high-pitched ringing sound. Has a somewhat long wind-up.
Headlock - A grab attack, he jumps forward and places the haft of his pole-axe against the back of your head before slamming your face into his knee 3 times.

Phase 2: Once you bring him down to half health or more, Gillian will open up a portal and take your character to an extradimensional arena. In this arena, your character is automatically inflicted with Insanity I, which remains until the fight is over. Gillians has the same abilities as phase 1, but now has the ability to teleport at will. He will use this if you stray too far from him, but will also use it in between and as part of his attack combos to attack you from different angles. He also now has a ghostly green aura around him and his attacks will sap a small amount of your energy with each hit.

Defeating Him: If you successfully defeat Gillian, he will take off his helmet and get on his knees. Your character will then be allowed to talk to him. He will commend you for your strength and allow you to ask a few questions about his past before leaving. He has a 1/10 chance to drop any of the following items:
Cursed Knight Helmet: An accessory that provides 9-13 power and up to 145 defense.
Cursed Knight Armor: A chestpiece that provides 13-18 power and up to 234 defense.
Cursed Knight Greaves: Leggings that provide 9-13 power and up to 157 defense.
Pole-axe of Wrath: A unique weapon with 2 skills, being slightly toned down versions of “Headlock” and “Concussive Blow”.
Longsword of Sorrow: A unique sword with 2 skills that are toned down versions of “Thrusting Lunge” and “Spiraling Tempest”
Ward of Retribution: A unique shield with “Shield Slam” and “Retribution”(again, toned down versions of Gillian’s original abilities).
(Note, all these pieces of gear are level 100 to 150)

Respawn Timer: After being defeated, a message will show in the chat to all players in the server saying who defeated him. After this, Gillian will be incapable of spawning again in the same server for another 10 minutes.

Alright that’s enough for now I’ve spent like 2 hours writing this and have been developing the idea in my mind for like a couple weeks now. It’s 11:15 PM for me and I have school tomorrow so I might add on to this later.

Gillian so skrunkly :pleading_face:

Interesting idea, but I’m not sure how easy or difficult it would be to implement some of it, especially the “Insanity Arena”. I think it would need to be an area that is built somewhere specific, or it might end up affecting people uninvolved in the fight.
Also, does the “defeat” scene take place in the “arena”, or is it wherever he spawned?

bros tryna sneak his oc into the game :sob::sob::sob:



Would be fun to have a boss in this style, but the idea of endgame level power + defence gear is super overpowered

I recommend not putting Power and Defence together since it’s pretty much like leveling up, but using gear(cuz leveling up increases our HO and Power)
How about a bit of AGI(from teleporting), some amount of Attack Speed(fast attacks and combos), and some amount of Defence(he’s a knight lol)

The rest is nice!

It would take place in his arena

Sounds pretty cool. The drop rates seem really annoying to someone who uses their free time outside of Roblox, but I’m sure most other players would find them fine. The drops seem kind of op yet really boring and lame since they basically feed into the 2 meta stats. The weapons sound cool, although I didn’t read his abilities.

I think he would be a nice addition to the game, especially if he gave a lot of xp to help people level up and complete the level barriers.

any defense + power armour should be immediately disregarded, epecially if it’s stupid hard to get. Nice troll suggestion

If this was a troll suggestion I wouldn’t have taken weeks to develop the idea in my head and over 2 hours to write it all down here. I didn’t know power + defense armor wasn’t allowed, it’s not in the banned suggestions list or anything.

ok guys here’s my super cool suggestion!

bloodedge the minion of chaos:

Not much is known about bloodedge, as they kill on sight and kill everyone unless they find them as absolutely harmless weaklings, and on the impossible chance they lose, they disappear in a puff of smoke and then appear somewhere else, going “hmm, so you’ve managed to entertain my smoke clone. Perhaps some day I will fight you at 1% power, when you’re not much of a weakling” before disappearing again for good. What is known is that they are a servant of chaos, and have been known to actively seek out methods of bringing chaos to islands. They wield a rapier-katana-zweihandler-blade that has been infused with shadow, death, blood and chaos curses. Bloodedge wields the chaos curse.


Stabbing Slash:
They slash you with an increadible stab and has about three times the aoe of an m1, insta kill

Slashing Storm:
Creates a whirlwind of shadow and cuts that has the aoe of a small island, and it moves a second after casting at a high speed around the arena. If hit, you get sent into the whirlwind and take heavy damage

Shadow Slice:
Bloodedge slashes their rapier-katana-zweihandler-blade and creates a slash of pure shadow, travelling at high speeds towards target, dealing high damage on hit. Used in flurries

Shadow Assault:
Bloodedge takes a moment to collect shadow energy, then preforms 7 teleport dashes, with brief moments between each. Each slash does medium-high damage and can stack up immensely

Phase 2:

Every attack gains a blood aura to it, and bloodedge’s eye stars glowing red. Every attack has 50% more range, lasts 20% longer (such as shadow assault having an additional 2 dashes, shadow slice flurries having a few more slices, etc), and 50% more damage. The sky grows red, like akursius, and he gains a new attack:

Blood Drain:
Bloodedge takes a stance, gathering blood and shadow energy like shadow assault, before dashing right at the player. On hit, impales them on their rapier-katana-zweihandler-blade, lifting them up and holding them there as the player bleeds out. Then, channels shadow death chaos energy into the rapier-katana-zweihandler-blade, slams the player into the ground, then slams the rapier-katana-zweihandler-blade into them several times, instantly killing them.

On defeat, you get a special cloak that lowers the brightness of the area, and gives 7000 defense and 1000 power, and also gives you special shadow imbuement into your attacks

very nice, ignore bigbussy he has 3 iq :+1:

Literally shut the fuck up.

give em a break man, if u got a better idea just say it.

here, but i think you’ve read it already.

So the general idea of this suggestion is to add a unique enemy that may appear on bounty boards for players to hunt that grants much greater unique rewards but is much more difficult to fight while avoiding it being a hassle to underleveled players by preventing it from attacking them.

We’re getting legendary ships so why not legendary bounties?
I like it, though I don’t think the character fits too well into the game.

I also don’t see the problem with power + defense armor.
Yes, its like leveling up, however, while you gain more raw power and health, you’d be losing out on all the other stats.

While you are losing out on other stats, defense and power are currently the 2 meta stats. I do understand that the game is incomplete and that other stats will probably be viable later on, unlike some people who already treat the game like it’s their only enjoyment in life.

For now I would lower the stats of the armor and add an additional effect where at 30% or lower hp you get insanity 1. And each additional piece of armor increases the threshold by 10%, to a maxiumum of 50% (so with the full set at half hp you get insanity 1). I think it would be a fair yet fitting tradeoff for having defense and power in one set.

Sorry to say, this will never be added. For one, do you personally know Vetex? Are you friends with one of the testers(not friends as in you talk with them on forums or some crap, like close friends)?

Vetex has no reason to add a fanmade boss. It’s a good effort, but still, it’s futile. Probably shouldn’t have put it in suggestions, I wouldn’t have.

The character will almost certainly not be added, unfortunately for the writer, but the concept is what really matters.