Give me your oc backstory

cant come up with an ao related short story
i may not fully write the exact backstory you give me, but I’ll likely use it for inspiration


a child (who loves knifes) abandoned by everyone

ok thats maybe a bit too far into edgy

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oh well

A relatively overpowered and environmentally conscious bandit.

In in depth backstory as to why or how, he just is.

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Silas Creed is the leader of a secretive organization known as the Shadows of Yor, mentored by an infamous dark wizard during his youth. He abides by his teachings and spreads them among his followers, hoping to gain enough influence in the War Seas to spread his ideals far and wide.

AO or non AO characters?


My AO characters are non sentient videogame puppets that I control with names and that’s about it.

As for my main OC, “Typ”, He’s rather an enigma, nobody knows’s what he is, where he came from, but he’s a funny lad.

There’s like more but those are the 2 most memorable ones imo, also I’m kinda lazy atm lol.

Which OC?

A random wizard/sorcerer born with a primordial magic instead of a base one for their first mind would be cool.

ill make one up on the spot instead of using felix or vincent

Judas Water
A Riverville born magicless man, who picked up a dagger and dived into the world of thievery at the young age of 19.
Truly a smart man, he learned how to thwart many wizards with just his brains.

Judas Water uses dual daggers and a crossbow in combat. Normally, instead of fighting a magic user head on, he will stalk them, and set up a trap to defeat them.

(idk, just an idea)

Judas Water picked up a dagger because he was unlucky enough to be exposed to Heroic Corruption, meaning where a person in authority who is meant to be a “hero” turns on their responsibilities.

His sister was sold into slavery and his mother was forced into marrying the Mayors son, Judas Water killed the Mayor and his hero bodyguard, burning down the Mayors house, and running to a nearby bandit camp.

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oh wait its AO related???

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Fine I’ll do Floyd and Xavier. Since all my other files aren’t from the AO universe.

Now go read all of it. Ruins of Charon Pt.1

Isn’t that a WoM story? I don’t think it matters, though

yea. but its basically the backstory for those two files

should I do an actual explanation or nah

A reincarnation of a god (doesnt know it) who was royal and fucking disowned by his dad. so he killed him

I was gonna make a fatherless joke but I honestly don’t know at this point.