Give me your WORST ideas for a hypothetical game

It’s in the title. Any terrible idea. Except inappropriate stuff. So, basically any idea that literally will get the game an non-existent award for being crap.


Oh no. Wrong category.

Permadeath RPG where, upon death, you can buy your lives back by paying 1000R$.

Money leech/10

Open world where the map is extremely bloated, there’s no fast travel, and travel is slow. The game’s story mode is basically a boss rush, except there’s a huge power curve between each boss so majority of your time is spent travelling the map to defeat mob NPCs which are few and far between and hardly give any exp or money. Money is also really important to the game, being a requirement for nearly every form of upgrade/power-up (all of which are overpriced), but like exp there’s no viable way to grind money and it’s also very easy to lose a lot of it. Once you work your way through hell and defeat the final boss, there’s no true endgame, so you feel as if your hard work wasn’t even rewarded well.

(This is basically a demonfall rant)

Hold on. I’ll give the ideas a rating, from good lord/10 to maniacal laguhter/10.

This is it. This is the game.




i wonder what was my first post

a permadeath game, where it takes place on a sea that serves no purpose but to make things take longer, with a system that rewards good ping, where there’s progression so that higher levels are a lot stronger, but there’s also literally nothing in place to prevent these high levels murdering new people, with garbage balancing, and a meta that’s always impossible to beat, that for some reason has hardcore masochists playing the game that like it



All your weapons break really fast(legendary included) and you lose them forever when this happens,and repairing is expensive


Happiness Leech/10

  1. Arcane Odyssey
  2. An open world RPG that’s in the future but is in a universe that has magic. If done correctly, this could be really cool. It would have a choose your own adventure style storyline and would have lots of activities.
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thats a good not bad idea
(the idea is too good, i wonder who will actually make that)


repairing items in minecraft isn’t really that expensive tho

But that’s a negative number.