Give warriors extra weapon slot?

Give warriors extra weapon slot?
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Considering thoughts on this? Magic and strength get 2nd slots, seems like it would make sense here maybe


apparently a shield slot has been talked about for warrior’s 2nd awakening


shields bad because G key is dumb

Yea this was considered for warriors second awakening unsure if he’s gonna still do it tho

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later level caps with a 4th weapon slot would mean warriors have 20 moves that all probably serve some purpose

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Mages and beserkers have 24 “Unique” moves possible at endgame

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I thought of something similar, agree with the suggestion

maybe they could unlock the ability to change alter abilities in some way?


Custom weapon skills we need them

i believe that’s what artisan weapons will be

but also, the reason warriors don’t get custom abilities is because, well, they do

you can just change weapons :person_shrugging:

So far from my experience they’re about as different as rain of arrows vs storm of arrows, yes they are stronger but the skills are largely the same or similar. I still gotta get more rarer weapons to fully experience weapons on my conjuror though (I got 150 weapons, and going off of the wiki at least Calvus has some different drops).

Artisan weapons haven’t been added yet (or what are you talking about?)

its just what i assume they will be

I was talking to him

I was talking about weapons currently in the game, although, I should’ve quoted banana so here.

Yeah, changing weapons is cool and all but I gotta see the rarer weapons to see how they differ (even if it’s just effects). Also I kinda wish every weapon didn’t just have a ranged grab but rather had some variation, like an AOE grab like snare, or a shorter dash that boasts more power than the longer ranged faster grabs.

That is what happens tho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Weapons have different damage scaling affinities(albeit not well displayed) that determine their damage. And what you said already does happen. You just never see it cause the shorter range grabs are even harder to land than normal grabs

There you go, hence my inexperience with weapons overall. I’ve just been using rusty claws, some dual swords, and I’ve farmed Elius enough to net me 8 levels from level 80 to 88 (no dual swords). Rusty claws still do most of my damage because claw slash and beast instinct are ridiculous.

I should probably also mention most of my grabs have a tendency to go through my target rather than hit. Then again I could just be barely missing.

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