Good build cause i'm stupid

What’s like a good equipment build that focuses on Power and defense

Help me so i can become a pro.

hard wizard armour, Powerful power amulet, hard defense amulet.

People might hate you if you use this, but those people are either fools or hypocrites.

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Thanks good sir, now I can complete my dream of being a pro!

Make sure you practice. Having good equipment is a requirement for pvp, but you need to practice if you want to be good at it.


I will this is just the start of my journey on becoming a pro.

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Good luck buddy

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how so?

If you hate someone for using a meta, you are either: a fool (because why shouldn’t they stick to the meta if they’re unfamiliar with the game, or if the game itself only supports one playstyle), or you’re a hypocrite because you also use the meta.

Because personal preference users are superior in to metamancers

In self worth, perhaps, but in combat efficacy? Nah.

At least until TGR is finished

Youre acting like top players aren’t gonna beat metamancers with personal preference.

Another thing. My personal preference is powerful sunken chestplate with 860 hp meta build. I have a total of 931 hp and do 170 damage. It’s a good build but it’s also not meta. Then again it’s just personal preference.

I mean I use Ash and I’ve beat a couple Wind/Shadow users it still takes personal skill

now for item metas I wouldn’t really call them too meta but more like the only viable PvP items (Sunken gear, Hard/Strong Defense or Power amulets and Wizard Hats but Wizard hat is replaceable with Keen Casting Speed) because I don’t think ima see anybody win with a full or close to full knockback,build or any other enchants but that’s kinda do to the scaling

Removed the swear word in your title.

what magic you use also comes into play. what magic?

Ash is still a solid choice. Even if it doesn’t have as much power in terms of raw stats, it isn’t to hard to get used to. if anything, you’ll be able to lag their PC to death. And I do agree that skill is a huge part of being good at pvp.

But if you’ve got equipment that has undesirable stats. That is a huge detriment to pvping.

I mean, a strength build is usually considered worse than a meta build currently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that this will change in AO. I’m just saying that if you’re just getting started in pvp, then it’s best to stick to the meta since that is the easiest to get the hang of.

But it’s boring, defeats the point of a game.

The game itself defeats the point of the game.