Good News For Fishermen


Bad news is that macrofishers are now more common and harder to find especially since dark sea pretty much hides their location already

But well, at least now you can fish anywhere with lesser attention needed since you either use your sight or hearing to spam click


hunger already combats macro fishing a good bit, i don’t think they’ll be much more common.


this is the best day of my life

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“Its not really needed anymore”

Could that be referring to how Synapse is no longer around? :thinking:

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no the macros from wom are still around
hunger is the only real issue

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Macros aren’t exploits like Synapse, a command to press a certain key every x is different to modifying the game

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Should be kept for non-small rare fish and above, ngl

let our crewmembers catch colossal squids

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If a castaway can I assume the crew can

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Macros can auto eat

they could automatically move forward to compensate for the pushback too, the difference is that that was way more annoying for normal players than having to eat.

Some macros are exploit based, they’re injected (these ones are generally way less buggy and work way better since they actually directly affect the game) external macros need to just press the button and can’t really know what’s happening in game, so they work way less effeciently

Tbf the tsunamis in the dark seas are already defying every single law of gaming physics just to fuck with people every goddamn 5 minutes. Most macrofishers will probably position their boats north of Frostmill since barely anyone goes there.

plz gimme one auto thingy

you know a lot about exploits, unoriginal…

That’s just how coding works lol, injected exploits can directly acess the game, while externals cant

Can confrim, you dont need to do exploting to know that injected code works better than a program that basically presses buttons for yo


They can’t do it consistently due to rng of the fish you get, it’s why they prefer putting their back on walls