Got a question regarding necrobumping

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Saw this on a topic. I’m a bit confused, so I’ve come here to ask a question.

I was always told (or at least thought) that necrobumping was allowed. Though, highly despised by the community. But someone getting warned for necrobumping confuses me. Can someone tell me if necrobumping is allowed? When can someone necrobump?

See Rule 8.2 for more info

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Thank you very much for the quick response!

Just thought that necrobumping was all around allowed. but I guess now I know about that, only on-topic necrobumping is allowed. I see I see.

Got another question with that then, it doesn’t clarify too well about when a post is considered “old” enough that if commented on. Is there a general time when a post shouldn’t be commented on anymore?

If it’s like a suggestion and you bump it as it’s going to close that’s generally considered acceptable so that’s at least the minimum time frame for a bump being considered acceptable regardless of whether or not it’s on-topic.

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So just… don’t bump closed topics?

Don’t bump stuff that’s like months old probably

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Essentially, don’t bump stuff that’s old and has no relevant information as of now. (bumping like that isn’t allowed)

You can bump stuff if there’s relevant information that relates to the old topic.

If you don’t…then don’t bump topics that’s pretty much it.

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