Guardian of Chaos [May Writing Prompt]

This is from a prompt from (HOPEFULLY) MONTHLY WRITING PROMPTS - May Edition so thanks @BNTarwarn and @Danny_Zou for the ideas :sunglasses:

The old man limped on into an alley of the dessert village. At the end of the alley, stood a teenage boy, sitting on a ledge, eating a bright red apple. The boy noticed the old man and went on to help him.

“Sir, are you okay?” The old man then coughed out blood onto the sand floor. He began to look up in the eyes of the young boy and began to stare without saying a word. He began to readjust his cane to stand upright.


“What?” The old man raised his cane and lodged at the boy with it. Soon, the old man fell to the ground and the boy was able to withstand the hit from his stomach. He looked down at the old man and began to look at him in disgust.

“Old people these days, you try to help ‘em and they just starting beating you.” The boy crouched down to shake the old man.

“Hey, are you alright?” After a while, the boy realized that the man was completely dead. He then began to recollect the whole situation that had happened and shown a puzzled look on his face. The boy then reached into the pocket of the old man to see if there was anything to take for himself. Soon, the boy felt a dark presence behind him and quickly turned around.

“I knew you were the right choice” The boy then squealed with multiple voice cracks and he began to back away on the floor backwards.

“Who are you! W- What do you want from me?!” What stood in front of him was a large, tall shadow that stood with a large staff.

“Oh, me? It appears that you are the one who was just wanting to steal from that old man.”

“Hey! He was already dead! No reason to make a fuss as he attacked me first. Not my fault he fell down and died!”

The figure began to laugh and approached the boy even closer. “Does it make it right, Omar?”

“H- how do you know my name?” The boy then started to quiver.

“Aww, are you scared? You seem to be in need of urinary excretion.” The figure then snapped and both him and Omar were teleported in an empty, fancy bathroom.

“How did you- Where are we?” Omar began to look around and noticed the architecture of the bathroom was much different from where he lived.

“Umm, a bathroom. What else are you trying to get at?” Omar blankly stared at the figure but soon made a run for it. When he came out, he had noticed he was on a white, brick-tiled street. He began to turn and saw a large clock in the distance that just so happened to ring.


“Oh, I see you like it, eh. Well, we can get a little closer.”

“No, no, no-” the figure then snapped his hand and they both stood on a ledge on the tall clock tower.

“HOLY MOLY RICE AND CHICKEN STEW!!! GET ME THE FU-” Before Omar could continue, the two were teleported in front of a diner restaurant.

“Hope you brought some money, cause I’m starving!” The figure then began to rub his stomach as began to think about food.

“No! Bring me back, NOW!”

“People are watching you know.” The boy then looked around to see multiple people staring straigher at him.

“I’m so lucky they can’t see me!” The boy then glanced at the figure as if he were to kill him. The figure then stared back and snapped once again, bringing them back into the alley. The figure stood right on top the dead, old man.

“What… was… that.”

“Seems I forgot to explain. Here, let me just…” the figure reached into a sort of pocket and reached out a large tablet that had a mini slideshow on it.

“So, hi! I’m Stephalagogos, aka the Guardian of Chaos. I have multiple powers and quirks but Im going to need a physical human body to help me, which is where you come in. Im sort of an empath so I already knew your personality just by meeting you. Anyways, I have this goal of destroying the other guardians and destroying the destined trajectory of human kind because the other guardian kicked me out of the club. Major bummer on my part. Oh, except the Guardian of Love, they get to live. That sly dog. I feel like growling alr-”

“Oh- okay. I’ve heard enough, thank you. So, that’s gonna be a no from me.”

“Oh, we’ll there are no refunds, so… Oh, you get to have many powers so there are only positives from here!”

“No! There are NO. POSITIVES. AT ALL.”

“Well… I really don’t know what else to say. Don’t worry, we’re gonna have a great time together!” The figure then threw the tablet off and decided to prepare himself.

“Umm, what do you think you’re doing Stephalagogos?”

“We’re starting our great adventure!”

“Wait, no!” Stephalagogos then reached out his hand and snapped his fingers. They both then disappeared.


He is basically venom lmao