Shoutout to Danny for helping me with some of the prompts, and people in AO Writer Hub Server for voting on stuff related to the incoming monthly prompts!

You guys can use these prompts for your writing ideas, and you can write however much you want. Go wild.

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Story Prompts

It is in knowledge that we find true power. No where else in all the Seas has humankind ever discovered greater power than the study of magic. Those who delve into its depths discover greater knowledge, and in the process greater power. Write a story about a scholar-mage, and the discoveries they use to change the world.

(from @Danny_Zou)

It is said that a sword cannot be evil, only used for evil purposes. But this is not always true. There are, legend has it, dark weapons with strange histories. Write a story about a weapon that seems to be more than just a piece of steel.

(from @Danny_Zou)

Dialogue Prompts

“No one will ever believe you.”

“Keep crying, no one will hear you either way.”

“This was supposed to be an accident!”

“Ignoring what I just saw, today’s a good day!”

“Shall we run away together?”

Location/Setting Prompts

A ship escaping from the destruction of the Seven Seas. For all the crew and passengers know, they are the last people alive in the world.

(from @Danny_Zou)

An old and abandoned altar that reeks of decay—except for the freshly-harvested fruits placed on it.

Character Ideas

A bitter librarian who holds all the secrets of a kingdom, and carries out their revenge slowly—a little by little.

An immortal who messes with human’s perceptions of history for their own entertainment—planting fake artifacts here and there, making up fake mythos, and so on.

One-word prompts

  • Bury
  • Drown
  • Aimless
  • Treasure
  • Message


(I’m aware it’s still April by the time of posting this, but hey, expect the next prompt spree on somewhere during May 30th–June 5th.)

If you have any prompt ideas you’d like to suggest for next month, feel free to reply here or message me!


Scheduled Writing prompts (attempt 8)

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