Guilds are turning into pure chaos

Today I got freaking ambushed in summerhold by a mini guild. I managed to defeat 3 out of the 5 before dying.

I’m guild neutral so idk why they attacked me probably for the fun of it

Infamy, they attack for infamy. Either they don’t know it’s being reset or do and just don’t care. It’s always been like this, actually this is a pretty calm period tbh. Wish there was more action. You should have seen what it was like when guilds first came out if you think it’s hectic now. :fr:

I knew it when guilds came out raids on villages started without anywhere to shop Guildless people were pressured to join other guilds
Personally I like to stay guildless for good reasons

i still kill any guild member i see for infamy :nod:

I run I know I’m no match for them

good boy :nod:

Once it was a 6 on 2 I got obliterated I think the guild’s name was called the Shadow Devils or something if gives me bad memories

i 5v1’d these kids in a guild called joorduns vikings or some crap like that

That’s the best part but maybe that’s just me. Rarely I’ll try to run and when I do it’s to find a better location. Not fighting a group of heroes and saints in Summerhold, where if I hit one NPC then KDS is gonna get on my ass.

I heard of them before I reckt them once in Riverville and was force to pay a large fine for the destruction I caused

When I was playing once their was a mass raids on 7 different servers by Suncry and some other guilds Us guildless people didn’t stand a chance

I mean, this type of stuff happened before you even joined WoM.
And there were guild wars before you joined WoM.
Now it’s most likely a wasteland of unwanted guilds who complain about dying.

trust me guilds are not “pure chaos”

i never see guild people try and attack me, even when im on a guild file
then again, a lot of randoms just like to attack people because theyre bored. i do the same after all

just dont be skill issue

They’re to scared of suncry bro :weary:

thats true
people used to log whenever i would join because they knew i was gonna farm em

True but still why attack guileless players

Is that a problem to attack random players?

Very much yes

Skill issue
Also this is what I’m hearing
Any game that lets you kill some random people
Seems like a problem to you?

World of magic is a fighting game as well so random killing isn’t much of a problem

Every time when I play wom guilds constantly attack within an hour I join. Its probably safer for you cause your in a guild while us guildless people have to fend for ourselves