Gym is fun

Small rant about how badly designed the class is, we’re in a pool unit right now so when class starts, we walk over to the locker rooms, change, and walk directly into the pool from there, after we’re done we go back to the locker room, change, and come back to the pool room until the bell rings, where we then walk back through the locker room and into the halls.

The problem is, that people who change way slower like me take a few minutes to change back into regular clothes after the time in the pool ends, at which that point the showers routinely turn on. Unfortunately, these showers block the door between the locker rooms and the pool, so I can’t go back out to the pool after changing back to normal clothes like i’m supposed to or I would get soaked. This means that I have to just wait in the locker room until the bell rings.

Even more unfortunately:

  1. There are still some kids stuck in the locker room because of the showers (like me)
  2. The locker room isn’t supervised at that time due to most people being at the pool already

Because of this, some kid blasts this inappropriate rap music, probably the loudest music i’ve ever heard, for the entirety of my wait in the locker room until class ends. I had to endure that for a good 8-10 minutes yesterday, and when the same happened today I just left class early lmfao


Didn’t read but this is a really good class

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damn class is crazy

Unfortunately the bad type of crazy :pensive:


damn thats why i don’t go to gym :trolI:

I won’t have to go to gym next year or ever again after that (LFG) :mariomug:

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or is it a thing lol

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Sounds chaotic,my gym class is never this crazy

I enjoy the real life stories form forumers like this
because most of the time it’s chaotic

Bro the people in my class squirt water bottles on each other, climb the walls on the gym, hack the scoreboards and whip one another with belts

Sounds more like a military school then a school gym class :grimacing:

fr :fr:

Luckily the locker room in my close only has one entry point

ok we get it your rich :neutral_face: :roll_eyes: