Have hybrid weapon classes received ANY new weapons since release?

selectorch never ever ever eveeerrr loses guys, obviously not.

yet another common W for everyone’s favorite hypeman!!!1

and the class is still bad

Cant wait for anicnet magic imbued weapon ultimate arts!

Hope spirit weapons aren’t just reskinned warrior weapons with built-in drawback

They aren’t. We’ve already seen a spirit weapon in game at Sameria.

Spirit weapons aren’t conventional weapons so they shouldn’t be reskins. Though if there’s a hybrid weapon for the knight it might be a reskin.

me, a mage, when someone airstalls (im going to surge his ##### off)

One day friend…

One day…

Atlantean weapons aren’t that bad there’s the scald tooth dagger which gives burning… not very good either though

Samerian sword, gg.

the cutlass is massive as well

I don’t think i’ve ever used a cutlass