He has returned



Who be that?


if you seen the forums in the last 3 weeks you might know xd

The second i join a server i see a message from him asking if i want to join his guild.
seems like a cool guy :fr:

he’s on my kos

i havent gotten back into the forum until these past 3 days or something.
so please explain.

this post explains how much of a clown faced retard the cunt is, I actually made an alt and joined his guild so I could farm them but he banned me after I set up his server for calling him a retard for attempting to disband his guild

Ah yes, the creator of ‘‘HERE IM THE FUCK’’

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u ignorant sneeze

‘‘He uses me like the hell a dildo’’

I’ve had a lot of fun reading that damn thing I made an MP3 version of it with ttsmp3

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like a debile u tyfus nerd

Also, “because you have to go ask ur fat ass mom to go to a therapist to fuck someone and go away”
the shit is this?

context: somebody made a trading post which started some drama. Then galtron responded with this, he also said a lot more so if you wanna see it then id highly recommend checking the post out:

Grazie @Nuclearman7 needed to see the thing even though I have it bookmarked

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‘‘Go ask your fat ass mom to go to a therapist to fuck someone and go away’’

~ LordGaltron, 2021

one of the best laughs I had here

also ‘‘IRL LIFE’’ it’s just IRL or in real life not both together, imagine saying ‘‘in real life life’’

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yeah can’t understand it too

I love how his post was getting ignored so he actually went out of his way to urge other people

he went out of his way?

what do you mean?

what did you mean with this

didn’t get it quite well


doubt anyone has this epic quote xd