Headless offer (overpay i think)

i have a strong sunken sword and a clean sunken sword. give.

this is why i spent like 30+ hours fishing btw, i need to get inferno asap :sunglasses:

sell your strong sunken sword :innocent:

yes quick lets start an argument so the topic stays at the top of front page until someone accepts

im pissing yourself

:scream: :scream: OMG HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!11!!1?!?!11/1

it is satisfying to piss in jeans


I think its fair and not over

so in other words no one is gonna accept it?
last i knew 2 clean sunken swords were considered overpay but value changes

maybe but i wouldnt be too keen on it

i can throw in the hard sunken helmet you cried so much over if needed

i mean ur talking to the wrong person cuz im not trading any of my headlesses untill i get 4 but idk i dont think that would make much of a difference but you can try it

speaking of which how about you sell it insteadnice

yes start an argument this way it will stay at the top

matters not if your offer isnt satisfactory (for most people anyway, maybe, probably)

oh shit

Not this again

can I trade for the HSH and the SSS? I have a headless.

Ask nuclear or drip god

yeah, i can get in game whenever you can