Hearts were Ringing

Come that time again, the 21st night of September! Dance along with great memories of the past.
Who’ll show up next year? Guess we’ll find out then

Last year’s installations


Gimme more Arcane Adventures Webcomic content


the band expands

god i enjoy seeing freedrock in more light-hearted scenarios


But what happens the 21 september, is there a party of some sort where you live ?

I rember :smile:

I forgor :skull_and_crossbones:

the 21st night of septembar

Honestly super cool to see the art style evolve over time

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the one night of the year when freedrock allows himself to feel something

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Freedrock is killing it

woooooo, they throwing down

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he has been revived

@ThatOneGuy what if you had a variation of the member greeting for people coming back after a long time?

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“Hey, you, you’re finally awake.”

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Thought about it.


do the fucking skyrim opening for it

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yeah at this point it feels like a yearly check-in for how i draw and how the look of the characters make little changes over time

Can’t wait to see the changes next year then

they’re aging over time :open_mouth:

what my boy freedrock doing with the sax tho :mariomug:

Would freedrock be doing a saxophone solo