Hello Forums, I have returned (sort've) and I would like to ask you something

Does anyone have the clothing IDs and textures for the armor and whatnot? I ask this since I occasionally use Roblox Studio primarily for making poses and OCs (so far, none are related to Arcane Odyssey).

That’ll be all, time to disappear again and be out of the loop :smiling_face_with_tear: :+1:


If I speak for my experience, I use a bot, a plugin, and clip studio paint to make my OCs


I really appreciate the videos, but what about the clothing IDs? (i.e. Sailor Jackets, Seafarer Coats, Merchant Jackets, etc)

Oh that, that’s a different story but I can show you the method to do it in a bit

ok so, go to title screen (make sure its at the file selector), then click F9

then go to memory

then type in “texturecharacter”

and final step is grabbing the id in there

and bam, done

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Accessory making speed run

So if I want a specific outfit or specific mesh, I gotta change in-game and then use the Developer Console?

ig yeah