Helo mods i have a proposal

hello mods hhere is my proposal
open up this forum post

because i can see how this post divided the comunity and how people never recovered from it. but if you reopen the post for my one post, everyone will come together and be healed by what important message i send and i can end the scars

the mesage btw is that video of multimillionaire celebrities singing imagine


Noble was so toxic that Vetex had to make a new game.

see this is whst i mean, unhealed wounds. only me and my video of out of touch celebrities could fix stuff like this

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Noble has been dead in WoM for months tho

this is the worst news of my forum career life , i cant be a hero anymore

laughs in >800 infamy

Please let me sleep at night without remembering this

we all cant sleep at night w this in mind, we are all victims